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Ever since 2005 when the Monday following Thanksgiving became the blessing/curse that we call Cyber Monday, marketers have done their very best to capitalize on the opportunity – mostly through our inboxes. Before I became one of those marketers myself, I saw the inundation of emails as a bit of a nuisance. Now, I see it as an opportunity.

If you market a small business (which you probably do if you’re reading this blog) you should make sure that today of all days you view your inbox not as a consumer, but as a marketer. If its anything like the Promotions tab of my Gmail account right now, it’s a veritable treasure trove of email marketing dos and don’ts.

So, in honor of Cyber Monday, we’re rounding up some of our favorite emails and taking a look at what tips small business email marketers can take away for next year’s inundation:

1. Create a sense of urgency
One of the best ways to get clicks on your email is to reinforce the idea that this is a limited-time offer. This is a marketing tactic as old as time, but new technology allows for things like real-time countdowns that can really motivate the viewer to act.

Subject: Cyber Monday Sale PLUS 10% coupon for 1 DAY ONLY!



2. Tug at those heartstrings
If the internet has taught us nothing else, it’s that people love to see animals online – the cuter and tinier the better. So if you can combine your marketing message with something soft and furry, go for it!

Brand: J. Crew
Subject: The biggest, best, most amazing, OMG, beyond anything, ever, sale event. Starts now.



3. Cultivate an air of mystery
If it’s click-throughs you want, a great tactic to try is the mystery offer. Even if you rationally know that the discount probably the same as usual, the possibility of missing out is just too tantalizing to resist. Gamification is always an effective spin.

Brand: Bauble Bar
Subject: Surprise, Surprise: Cyber Monday Starts Now, What Will You Get?



4. Get your viewer to engage
Often, half the battle is simply getting your audience to engage with your message in some small way. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be more likely to click through. Here, the drawn out ‘40%’ forces the viewer to scroll down, engaging with the email.

Brand: Banana Republic
Subject: Cyber Monday savings for Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy!



5. Give the viewer a visual break
With all the other brands screaming for your viewer’s attention, creating a bright, shouting email of your own actually increases the chances of your message getting lost in the din. Why not create something tranquil to give your viewer a visual break?

Brand: Kate Spade
Subject: 30% off everything starts now (sunday is the new cyber monday)



6. Go beyond Cyber Monday
If you have a sale planned for the entire month, Cyber Monday can still be a good day to kick off the promotion. People are primed to be checking for offers, so this can be a good time to through a longer sale into the mix. Just make sure you re-message again several times once the Cyber madness as calmed down.

Brand: Laura Ashley
Subject: Beyond Cyber Monday



7. Spell out the savings
Since your audience is deeply into browsing/scanning mode on Cyber Monday, consider taking out the guesswork for them. Spell out your offer as plainly as possible so they can get the idea and move on to making a purchase.

Brand: Ralph Lauren
Subject: Ends Tomorrow: Save Up To $200, Plus Enjoy Up To 60% Off



8. Replace your brand with Cyber Monday’s brand
Unlike some other retail holidays, Cyber Monday lends itself to irreverence and fun. Think about how you can cyber-ize your brand for the day and reinforce the connection between your brand and the day itself.

Brand: Diesel
Subject: This is Huge | Up to 40% Off Cyber Monday Sale



9. Or…Replace Cyber Monday’s brand with yours!
Counter to the idea above, how about taking Cyber Monday and making it all about you? Does your name, logo, subject matter, or tagline lend itself to replacing ‘Cyber’ or ‘Monday’ in a creative way?

Subject: Last Chance Cyber Monday Deals – Don’t Miss Out On Huge Savings!


10. Make it viral and grow your audience
Okay, okay, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put in a plug for our social media suite. In keeping with Pagemodo’s spirit of social media marketing, the Cyber Monday sale features a viral aspect that allows viewers to earn even greater savings by sharing the offer with their networks.

Brand: Pagemodo
Subject: Post, Pin, and Tweet Your Way to 65% Off Pagemodo

Pagemodo Cyber Monday Sale

We hope this Cyber Monday offer roundup has inspired you to take a fresh look at your own email marketing and consider how you might incorporate some of the things you’ve seen today into your strategy going forward. Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Content Marketing Manager at Webs, where she also manages marketing for Pagemodo – a suite of social media tools. Loves marketing, small businesses, and whales. Get more from Sarah on the Webs Blog, Twitter, and Google+.

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