With the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season coming tomorrow, we thought it would appropriate to kill two birds with one stone and show you a great Webs user website that also has some fantastic gift ideas.

The Little Raspberry is an online shop based in Australia that sells custom and pre-made wall art for the home and for kids and babies’ rooms. They offer designs that are printed and shipped, as well as downloadable prints that you can print for yourself. What’s so great about The Little Raspberry’s website? Let’s see:

1. Branding
This beautiful website features fonts, colors, and a voice that gives the viewer a very clear sense of the company’s brand. There’s plenty of white space and a consistent color palette that features tasteful neutrals with just a pop of color. The color in their logo is even carried through to their social media icons. This all gives the website a fresh, modern, and endearing quality that shoppers will find appealing.


2. Customizability
In a world where mass-produced items have been losing popularity in favor of personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts, it’s so important for retailers to offer customization options. While it’s certainly more time-consuming to create made-to-order items, it’s a unique selling proposition that can be a powerful motivator for buyers – especially during the holiday season. The Little Raspberry offers two levels of customization; you can order a pre-made design and choose your own colors for it, or you can email the designers to get something totally your own.


3. Integration
The owners of The Little Raspberry seem to understand the importance of social media to the retail world. In fact, a 2012 study showed that 65% of users made a purchase based on a recommendation the got on social media. Not only does The Little Raspberry prominently feature links to their Facebook and Pinterest profiles, they are also promoting an offer for those who engage with their Facebook page:


Kudos to the folks at The Little Raspberry on a great web store. Here’s to a successful holiday shopping season!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Content Marketing Manager at Webs, where she also manages marketing for Pagemodo – a suite of social media tools. Loves marketing, small businesses, and whales. Get more from Sarah on the Webs Blog, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Dec 04, 2014 - 11:44 AM

    wow, now i can make my website store. it’s nice.

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