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Often we find ourselves discussing how small business owners and entrepreneurs can be more productive. Does this mean we are trying to imply that these professionals have difficulty with time management?

No way!

We just understand that time is a limited resource, and that a few productivity hacks are appreciated when trying to tackle a busy day.

Today we thought we would focus on one of the most time-consuming facets of a business: content curation. To have an impactful content market strategy, you must be up to date on all of the latest news in your industry. This way, when updating your small business blog or posting timely content to social media, you are providing engaging, share-worthy content to your consumers.

But when combining curation with all of your other responsibilities, we know content marketing can sometimes fall by the wayside. Therefore, as an extension (see what I did there?) of our list of small business productivity apps, we have compiled the most useful Google Chrome extensions to simplify your content marketing efforts. And do you know the best part? They are all free!

Start bookmarking…

1. Feedly
Feedly is a great resource for aggregating all your favorite content-filled websites in one place. This tool is a real-time feed of stories found within the websites you choose to save to the Feedly platform. You can create customized categories for organization, and keep tabs on which stories you have read already.

The Chrome extension is particularly helpful if you are browsing the web and find a new resource that can be beneficial to your strategy. It takes one click to add it to your feed, and a couple more to place it in the appropriate category.

Feedly Screenshot
Categories and ‘save for later’ functions are the most useful tools to make the massive amount of stories in the feed easy to digest for the daily content you wish to share.

2. Pocket
Pocket is a tool that can help you save stories for later when surfing the web for content. The best feature of this tool is the seamless integration throughout the browser. Not only can you add a webpage with just a click from the Pocket icon in the toolbar, but every link you may right-click has a “Save to Pocket” option making it easy to add to your list anytime you want (even within browser-based emails)!

Pocket Screenshot

The tool also allows you to create tags so that when you actually visit the webpage to assess the content you have collected, you can filter by tag for better organization.

3. Bitly
Bitly is a handy tool which shortens any link to a size that is suited for sharing. Say you find an incredibly intriguing article you want to share on Facebook, but you realize it has a URL that is terribly long and hard to read – with one click of the Bitly extension, you have a condensed link ready for sharing!

Bitly Screenshot

The Bitly site allows you to see statistics on the use of the link (how many times it was clicked, who else has shared the article, etc.) to help you in analyzing your content to your best ability. If you have yet to use this tool, I highly suggest making an account even if you don’t have Chrome!

4. Mozbar
Mozbar is a streamline extension from the company – a leader in SEO software. With this built-in toolbar you can access many SEO metrics of any page you may be on or searching. By understanding the rank, keywords, and social metrics of each landing page, you can make conscious decisions based on the authority of the page you want to share. The more validated a link, the better the page is to share with others in your industry. This is because you will be proving yourself as a reputable and expert source of information in your field instead of potentially spreading spammy links.

Mozbar Screenshot

Image Source: Ambassador Blog

Not only will providing credible sources be useful for your content marketing strategy, but your SEO strategy will be thankful for this effort as well.

5. Meldium
Our final suggestion for extensions is a bit of a departure from the theme of tools we have shared so far. Meldium focuses on the organization of your content team rather than the content itself. With blogs, social media platforms, and the accounts you created for the tools above, keeping different passwords for them all can become quite cumbersome.
Meldium is a tool that safely holds the passwords for all of your accounts in a single space that can easily be shared amongst team members. Instead of sharing a spreadsheet, which may not be as secure, this Chrome extension can hold your passwords and provide an automatic login for many of your most-visited accounts.

Meldium Screenshot


The service is free for teams up to 5 so you should have no problem utilizing this service!


A quick and easy way to go from webpage to social sharing is with the +Post button from Pagemodo.

Pagemodo +Post Screenshot

Pagemodo is a suite of social media tools which provides a way to share scheduled posts and create beautiful visual posts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While not technically defined as a Chrome extension, this tool is free with sign-up and can be applied to your bookmark toolbar in several browsers. Clicking the button will automatically share the link (and shorten it) within your Pagemodo account.

Are there other browser extensions you find incredibly helpful to your content marketing strategy?

Share them in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Content Marketing Coordinator for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on the Webs Blog and Google+.

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  1. Reply
    Dec 14, 2014 - 02:52 AM

    Wow! These is amazing! Do these tools work like the paid tools? I just purchased tools for content marketing, It was actually worth it but free is always better. I shouldn’t have purchased one If I only knew these tools. But thanks anyway, I will surely try your recommended tools.

  2. Reply
    Raj Sandhu
    Apr 23, 2016 - 12:48 AM

    Hi Deanna, Curation is another great way of content marketing. I would like to recommend as an addition to your list. One of the fastest ways to curate content around any topic in minutes and it’s free to use.

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