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You know how people say that less is more? Yeah, they are not talking about webpages. When it comes to the number of pages that connect to your website’s domain, more is always better – especially when you’re doing search engine optimization.

In today’s online world, people rarely come to a website by typing in the name directly. Most website hits come from search engines – specifically from Google. If you want more people to enter your website, consider adding more doors. And not just more, but doors of all different shapes and sizes.

Done with the door analogy? Let’s get specific. Say you have a great homepage for your Italian restaurant in Baltimore. That’s one door. Then you add sections for About Us, Directions, Contact, and Events. Now you’re up to five doors. How about adding your brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktail menus? That’s nine – much better than just one.

But even once you’ve built out these basic pages, you still only have a couple of different door ‘shapes’ for people to come through. They can find you by searching for your restaurant by name, by searching for Italian restaurants in Maryland, or for Baltimore restaurants.

That’s great, but you could greatly expand your audience by adding more variety to your web content. How about a weekly blog from your chef about healthy cooking? Or some individual recipe pages? How about a photo gallery? Do you sell branded merchandise? Have you thought about starting a special offers program for VIPs? All of these different types of content can greatly improve the chances of someone’s Google search landing them at your website’s doorstep.

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If you’re having trouble getting motivated to build out more website content, try this handy trick for seeing what your top competitors are doing to get found online:

1. Search Google for the key terms you want people to find your website with.
2. Make a note of some of the websites that show up above yours in the results.
3. Start a new Google search with “” in the search bar.
4. At the top of the page, note how many results Google finds on their domain.

Google search screen shot

Do they have more pages than you? What are the topics of the pages. In addition to giving you an idea of how much work you have ahead of you, this can give you some good ideas for the kinds of things you could add to your website. For example, I did this volume search for three very different businesses., the online retail giant: 70,900,000 results, the online news source: 1,350,000 results, the restaurant where I had dinner last night: 141 results

No surprises for the first two, but it’s interesting to see that even the dim sum restaurant has 141 pages of content on the web. Is it a coincidence that they’re one of the most popular restaurants in the city? Who can say…

How many pages do you have on your site? Have you been inspired to create any more? Let us know in the comments! And if you have a Webs website and want to do even more to optimize your site for search, check out our SEO Booster tool!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Content Marketing Manager at Webs, where she also manages marketing for Pagemodo – a suite of social media tools. Loves marketing, small businesses, and whales. Get more from Sarah on the Webs Blog and Google+.

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    Chris Espiritu
    Sep 22, 2014 - 12:17 AM

    Hello Sarah. Great article. Thank you for sharing your insight about SEO. I’m a newbie in online marketing. I have no formal education about web development. Building SEO and driving more traffic really are an effort for me. Good thing there’s and there’s people like you who are willing to share their knowledge. Good job. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Reply
      Sarah Matista
      Sep 22, 2014 - 10:26 AM

      Thanks for the compliments, Chris! Good luck in your marketing endeavors 🙂

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