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The Inbox Diaries is a series designed to help busy entrepreneurs keep up with all the latest news in small business, marketing, and social media. I’m scouring my inbox every day for interesting tidbits – so you don’t have to.

This Week’s Stories:

Just Can’t Wait? Join The OS X Yosemite Beta Program
While Apple debuted it’s latest operating system in June, it won’t actually release Yosemite until “Fall 2014.” If you’re an avid Apple user and are finding the wait unbearable, take heart; you can always download the preview! All you have to do is sign up for the OS X Yosemite Beta Program, and you can try the new toys out for free.

Of course, this is not the final version, but it should tide you over. It will also allow you provide feedback to Apple on how they can make Yosemite better before the final release.

Lord & Taylor Welcomes iBeacon – Will You?
When a person walks up to a rack of jeans and gets an alert on their phone with a jeans sale offer, they are likely to have one of two reactions: glee or horror. Whether you are a tech-savvy shopper who is delighted by this convenience, or a more privacy-conscious consumer who wants to be left alone, the reality is that location-based promotions are (probably) only going to get more ubiquitous. This issue is on the minds of business owners and consumers alike today, as Hudson’s Bay Company recently announced that it will be rolling out iBeacon in many of its The Bay and Lord & Taylor stores soon.

For the unfamiliar, iBeacons are devices that send signals to smartphone apps to deliver location-based communications to consumers or event attendees. While the most popular iBeacon marketing platform, Swirl, may be out of the price range of small businesses, there are sure to be lower-priced competitors cropping up soon. With that in mind, start thinking about how you will put this tech to work for your own business!

Swirl iBeacon Notification
Via Swirl

Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Retweet With Comment
If you’re like me, you always have something to say about everything. And while this is certainly helpful if you write a blog for a living, it can make Twitter a very frustrating place to hang out. While there are certainly times when I have seen something in my feed and simply fired off a retweet, those times are few and far between. Most of the time, I am retweeting something because I have something to say about it. But even when using the “Quote tweet” function, I have to choose between truncating the original post or truncating my own comment on it.

So I was particularly delighted to read TechCrunch’s article about Twitter testing “Retweet with comment.” While this feature may or may not make the cut, depending on the results of the current experiment, I’m nonetheless excited to see that Twitter has identified this particular pain point and wants to do something about it.

Twitter screenshot of commentsVia TechCrunch

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