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When you find a good new restaurant or store, you share it with your friends, right?

Same goes for us here at Webs! When we come across a great web product, we love to share it with our readers here on the Webs Blog.

A while back, we talked about how you can use surveys to get feedback from your customers, but wouldn’t it be great if those surveys were quicker, easier, and less intrusive?

Qualaroo helps you serve your customers and site visitors better by easily collecting feedback from them on targeted website pages.  The best part of Qualaroo is that your visitors never need to leave your website to respond!  At Webs, we’ve seen that Qualaroo surveys typically get response rates of 3-5%, almost 10 times higher than our normal survey response rate!

How Do Qualaroo Surveys Work?
Qualaroo Surveys (or “Insights”) are deployed as small popups in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen that ask a simple question or series of questions.

For example, we recently were curious what percentage of our signups were first time website builders.  In a few short minutes, we created a simple three-question survey in Qualaroo’s online interface and launched it to customers. A few days later, we had our answer waiting for us in the Qualaroo dashboard!

Webs Qualaroo Questions

How Do I Target a Qualaroo Survey?
Qualaroo offers robust targeting for their relatively simple surveys.  All targeting begins with the page or pages you’d like to run the surveys on.

Then, you can choose to trigger a survey popup based on the marketing channel a customer originated from (Google, Email, or Facebook for example), the time they’ve spend on the page, or when it looks like the visitor is about to leave the page.

For example, we targeted the above survey to 50% of our site visitors who completed our signup process.

Surveys Are Great, But Can Qualaroo Help Me Get More Customers?
In addition to their survey product called “Insights”, Qualaroo also has a product called Convert that targets offers to customers based on their behavior on your site.

For example, if an “undecided” visitor has been on your checkout page for 2 minutes, you can offer them a 10% discount code.  Qualaroo measures how many people engaged with these “nudges” to help you further justify the cost of their tool.

How Can I Get Started?
Qualaroo offers a free 14 day trial on their plans so you test how their product performs for your business and determine if it is worth the additional expense.

Once you’ve signed up for their free trial, you simply need to add a small amount of custom HTML to your site. This can be done through the Custom HTML module, which can be found in the “Other” category in the Webs builder.

We look forward to hearing how Qualaroo helps you better understand your site visitors and increase your conversions!

About the Author: Alex Mitchell is a Product Manager at Webs focused on Site Optimization, Internationalization, Localization, and all other –ations. Find more from Alex on Google+.

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