Google Doodle, USA vs. Ghana

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This Week’s Stories:

The Atlantic Wants You To Go #Tabless
In a tongue-in-cheek video that serves as a public service announcement about multi-tasking, The Atlantic’s senior editor James Hamblin, MD, implores you to join the #TablessThursday movement. Saying that “single-taking is the new multi-tasking,” Hamblin takes a look at how our tendency to leave dozens of browser tabs open while we work is ruining our ability to actually DO work. Interspersed throughout the comical interview are a few hard facts about focus and productivity:

  • “Heavy media multi-taskers are more susceptible to interference from irrelevant environmental stimuli.” – National Academy of Sciences
  • “When workers don’t check email, they focus longer on tasks and show less physiological signs of stress.” – Mark & Voida, SIGCHI Conference
  • “Using Facebook and testing while doing school work are negatively associated with overall college GPAs.” – Computers and Education Journal

Entrepreneurs Don’t Always Take Vacation…
But when they do, they can count on technology. As the summer heat sets in for many countries, lots of people are looking forward to their upcoming summer vacations. According to recent research by Office Depot, however, most entrepreneurs are not among them. The recent survey of 1,500 small and medium-sized businesses found that 60% of owners were not planning a summer vacation this year because of financial hardship. Twenty percent of entrepreneurs have had the opposite reaction, however, and have decided to make lemonade out of recent business slumps and take vacation while they have the time.

Where does technology come in? According to Mashable, those surveyed said that having technology that allows them to stay on top of business while they’re away was a key factor in their decision to take vacation time. We are partial, of course, to Pagemodo (our suite of social media marketing tools) for post scheduling!

The World Cup Might Be Over, But The Doodles Live On
With many games ending without a single goal scored in regulation time, some people might feel that Google’s Doodles were the most exciting aspect of the recent World Cup. If you are among them, you’ll be delighted to find that Mashable has immortalized the collection and gathered them all together for your viewing pleasure. You’ll find some of our favorites below, and you can view all of them on Mashable.

 Mexico vs. Cameroon:

Google Doodle, Mexico vs. Cameroon

World Cup + Father’s Day:

Google Doodle, Father's Day

USA vs. Ghana 

Google Doodle, USA vs. Ghana


Which World Cup Google Doodle was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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