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The Inbox Diaries is a new series designed to help busy entrepreneurs keep up with all the latest news in small business, marketing, and social media. I’m scouring my inbox every day for interesting tidbits – so you don’t have to.

This Week’s Stories:

Microsoft Warns of Internet Explorer Security Flaw
If you’re still using Internet Explorer as your primary browser, you might be vulnerable to hackers attempting to gain access to your PC. According to Mashable, Microsoft admitted that IE versions 6 and up are experiencing a security flaw right now that has yet to be solved. Your best bet for secure web browsing until the issue is fixed is to stop using Internet Explorer altogether. Chrome and Firefox are great alternatives. Mashable says that if you want to continue using IE, you can disable the Flash plug-in to stop the bug (also stopping any videos and games though), or activate Enhanced Protected Mode, which has been available since IE10.

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Are You Ready For Instagram Ads? How To Be Prepared
Now that you’ve mastered Facebook ads, you’ll be ready to start running Instagram video ads as soon as they’re available, right? Not so fast. Even though AdWeek reports that Instagram Video Ads are imminent, advertisers’ ability to use them is likely not. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, sponsored content on Instagram is not a self-serve enterprise. Each campaign is looked over by hand before it is approved, and Instagram reps work with a select few approved advertisers (just 15 currently) to make sure everything is in keeping with the Instagram experience. So how can you, as a small business owner, ensure your own success when Instagram does open the advertising doors a little wider? Go ahead and establish your content strategy on Instagram now. Instagram’s director of marketing Jim Squires recommends that brands first establish themselves on Instagram and become familiar with the platform’s aesthetic before they attempt to advertise there.

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The Key To Waking Up Refreshed Might Not Be More Sleep After All
If you struggle to get out of bed some mornings despite having gotten a reasonable amount of sleep, the problem might be when you are sleeping – not how much. According to the folks behind the YouTube channel In 59 Seconds explain that the sleep cycles we are all vaguely familiar with occur in roughly 90 minute increments. In order to awake feeling your best, you’d ideally want to wake up closest to the end of a cycle. In order to do this, the video below explains that you should decide what time you want to get up, and then count backward in 90 minute increments until you find a suitable bedtime. If done successfully, this will hopefully have a positive impact on your focus and productivity throughout the workday.

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    Team Downey
    May 09, 2014 - 03:59 PM

    I didn’t know about the Instagram advertising restrictions. It is always a good idea to establish your presence on a social platform and get some organic engagement, before starting to through advertising dollars at it.

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