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This Week’s Stories:

One Day Only: Get Your Google Glass
If you’ve been eyeing a brand new face computer for yourself or for a loved one, don’t miss your chance to pick one up tomorrow morning! According to Google, any adult in the US can become a glass owner on Tuesday, April 15 at 9am EDT by signing up to be a Glass Explorer and ponying up $1,500 (plus tax). Spaces are limited, so make sure to be on time when you visit the signup website.

Google glass with sunglasses

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Last Minute Small Business Tax Tips
Remember back in the day, before you started a small business, when all you had to do on April 15th was file that 1040EZ form and be done with it? Those were the days. The tax code is pretty complex for entrepreneurs, especially during those first few years when you are still running the business out of your home. Luckily the Internet is here to help. Sites like the FreshBooks blog provide invaluable tips and tricks for free – check out this article on 10 tax tips for home based businesses.

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Lessons You Can Learn From This Weekend’s Instagram Panic
You may have noticed upon trying to take a picture of your eggs benedict at brunch on Saturday that Instagram had a bit of a hiccup this weekend. The outage didn’t last long in the grand scheme of things – just a couple of hours – but it threw the user base into a full panic. Many took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, but most had a distinctively self-aware tone to their #InstagramIsDown rants. What can you as a small business owner take away from this debacle? Don’t put all your eggs in one web-based basket. Things that live on the Internet break, algorithms change, and hackers sometimes crop up. That’s why it’s so important to diversify your marketing so that you never rely too heavily on one service or channel.

Twitter Image: Instagram Is Down

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    May 09, 2014 - 03:00 AM

    I’m yet not ready to purchase a Google glass worth $1500. I think it’s very innovative computer technology based sunglass ever made but reasonable price I’m looking for. A great glass and many will be excited to have it right away!! Thanks.

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