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This Week’s Stories:

Avoid The Clichés Featured In This Hilarious Video
Have you ever seen a field full of wind turbines in a commercial for a washing machine and wondered “what does this have to do with getting my whites whiter?” Then the video below might be for you. According to Mashable, this video comes from the stock video provider Dissolve, and was perhaps created to encourage its clients to advertise responsibly.

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Setting Expectations: What You Can Learn From Last Night’s HBO Go Fail
When HBO Go suffered another “fatal error” last night during the season premiere of Game Of Thrones, Twitter ignited with viewers who were seeing red. Perhaps users should have been prepared for the possibility of a crash, given that the same thing happened during the finale of True Detective. But, predictable or not, it was a bit of a fiasco for the HBO brand, since it might make their products seem unreliable and the tech team seem unprepared.

What can you learn from this debacle that can be applied to your small business? Always manage expectations. If there is the slightest possibility of something going wrong, get out in front of it and let your customers know that you’re aware upfront. Once you’ve prepared them for the possibility, offer alternatives and solutions so they feel they have somewhere to turn. HBO Go did do this in a tweet after the issue occurred, but maybe they could have saved themselves some heartache by being proactive instead of reactive.

Tweet from HBO Go about Game of Thrones

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Building A Personal Brand Can Benefit Your Business: An A to Z Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]
Even though it might seem unrelated or time-consuming when you’re really in the trenches, never underestimate the impact that building a positive personal brand can have on your business. Having a prominent online presence can not only have SEO and networking benefits for your business, it can also help insulate you from negative PR in the future should any arise. If someone reports something negative about you or your company, it will be much easier to recover from it if you already have a good reputation in your online and offline communities.

Below you’ll find a fun infographic that details great advice for creating an maintaining a personal brand online. This particular graphic is geared toward real estate professionals, but the lessons are applicable for just about anybody.

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