McDonalds Tweets Back at Taco Bell

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This Week’s Stories:

The Best Offense Is A Good Defense: McDonald’s vs. Taco Bell
When Taco Bell launched its breakfast menu on March 27th, it fired the first shot in the Fast Food Breakfast War against the industry leader, McDonald’s. After watching the launch commercial in which Taco Bell showed dozens of real men named Ronald McDonald chowing down on Waffle Tacos, the world waited with baited breath to see how McDonald’s would respond. For a brand whose mascot is a clown, I found the two-pronged response to be nicely understated. First, McDonald’s announced that for the next 2 weeks they will be giving away their much-praised McCafe coffee free during breakfast hours. This costs the company almost nothing, but provides an incentive for diners to choose their brand while all the hype around Taco Bell fades to the background.  They also shared a classy but pointed tweet that patronizes Taco Bell to just the right extent:

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Gmail Promotions Tab Might Get An Upgrade
Most users have come to love the new Gmail Tabs layout from Google for its life-simplifying, inbox-cleaning, Zen-promoting properties. The reaction was not so positive from marketers sending emails that were automatically relegated to the Promotions Tab. Last week, however, Gmail announced a potential change that addresses these concerns and proposes an option that might be even better than a spot in the coveted primary inbox: Grid View. This new view option is still in the field trial stage (which you can apply to join here) and will feature a Pinterest-like visual display of the emails in the Promotions tab for users who want it. Our fingers are crossed that Google decides to make this change permanent! You can see a preview from Google below, or check out the animated version on TechCrunch.

New grid view for Gmail Promotions Tab

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As Suspected: Sandberg and Huffington Tout Sleep As The Key To Success
At Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco last week, two of the most visible women in business both confirmed a suspicion you probably already had: sleep is your best friend when it comes to productivity. According to Mashable, Sheryl Sandberg has tried to live by Arianna Huffington’s advice about sleep and relaxation by sleeping more and practicing meditation. This article prompted me to hunt around for some good articles on sleep deprivation and productivity, which turned up a great infographic from The Sleep Foundation. Check it out below!

Sleep infographic

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  1. Reply
    Adam Ostopowich @ SEO Consultant
    Apr 12, 2014 - 06:04 AM

    You just have to love the rift between McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and seeing it continuing on the internet is great. McDonald’s kept it real with their tweet though.

  2. Reply
    Altaf Gilani @ HireSeoIndia
    Jul 10, 2014 - 02:50 AM

    Its very important at all stages of life to have sleep properly because it gives services like repair and restoration of mind and body.Thanks for Sharing this Beautiful Inforgraphic!

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