Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked on the Pagemodo blog about how to build a social media brand that matches your business and how to optimize your social media strategy to gain the most followers, shares, likes, and ultimately the most customers.

Once you’ve built a strong foundation of followers on Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to take a look at who these people are:

  • Do they match your typical customer profile (Gender, Age, and Location)?
  • Or, do these social media followers look much different?

Wouldn’t it be great to know which of these followers are the most valuable or has the most influence over other prospect customers just like them?  Thanks to simple-to-use tools from Social Rank and Klout, you can!

1. Find Your Top Influencer(s)

Start by using Social Rank to quickly generate a report like this one with your Best Follower, Most Engaged Follower, and Most Valuable Follower on Twitter.


Best Follower: A combination of your most valuable and most engaged followers on Twitter.  Engages frequently and has a wide reach.

Most Engaged Follower: The user who has engaged with you most in the past 30 days, including Retweets, Favorites, and Mentions.

Most Valuable Follower: Your most in-demand, important, and useful follower on Twitter, regardless of if they interact with your business or not.

Consider doing the same analysis on Facebook as well.  Look at who has commented/shared/liked your posts or pages over the past few months.  Then look at which of these “high engagers” also has a significant number of friends themselves and you’ve found your top influencer(s).

2. Ask For and Reward Feedback

Now that you’ve found the people with the greatest influence over your brand on social media, it’s time to develop a strategy to engage and reward them.

  • Start by reaching out personally, either through a direct message or email to a few top influencers.  Introduce yourself and thank them for liking/sharing/favoriting your business.  Ask them if there’s anything that you can do to improve your product or service and listen closely to their feedback.
  • Once you’ve opened up a feedback channel with these influencers, “surprise and delight” them:

Is there something that you can send them or give them as a thank you?


If you own a restaurant, consider offering a free dinner for two.  Although it will cost you a little money today, these influencers are the most likely to write positive reviews of your business in the future that could lead to significant additional business.

3. Maintain Strong Relationships

Once you’ve built a few connections with your influencers, be sure to nurture these relationships:

  • Can you offer these customers special promo codes or offers that they can share with friends?
  • Do you have new products for sale that you can share with these influencers first in a “sneak peek”?

The goal is to make these influencers feel special, because they are vital to the long term growth and positive perception of your business.

Have you engaged your “top influencers” on Social Media in the past?  What strategies have or haven’t worked for you or your business?

About the Author: Alex Mitchell is the Lead Analyst for the Webs Marketing team. Find more from Alex on Google+.

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