Today’s article comes from Deanna Zaucha, Webs Retention Marketing Coordinator.

As we round out January, there is still a lot of talk about keeping up with New Year’s Resolutions. These goals span from health and fitness to professional endeavors. But as a small business owner or entrepreneur, those goals often conflict or overlap; so I am here to talk about both with the trend of “Digital Detox.” For those who may not have heard this term before, here is the Oxford Dictionary definition:


I must admit, based on this definition, it is mildly hypocritical for me to be writing this post. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am addicted to technology, specifically my iPhone (just look at my author bio). Though they will also tell you I am just as passionate about a healthy “work/life balance.”

So when I saw this video circulating the internet this month, I was left wondering…

Do I sympathize with the main character, or am I the person who always HAS to be connected?

Most of us are struck by the impulse to document every moment we experience – This is my awesome vacation! My baby just took its first steps! We also incessantly check in to technology to always “be in the know,” or simply because we have FOMO (fear of missing out) –What is the latest fashion trend? What are my friends doing tonight?

Even our professional experiences foster these habits: YOU MUST present timely, relative, engaging and captivating information. Otherwise, you will not produce desirable results.

But the Digital Detox trend rebuffs this technological debacle. It is here to show that just like the main character, you too can disconnect and still be successful at work and home. In fact, it may even make you more successful!

Forbes reported 5 positive reasons to unplug after work:

  1. Reduces Stress: Unplugging after work allows the brain to mentally relax and recharge for a productive next day
  2. Increases Multitasking: Those who rate themselves as the best multitaskers are actually the worst at it, and those who multitask less are the best. (Practice makes perfect!)
  3. Less Likely to Develop Disorders: It is simple science, the less frequent you use technology, the less likely you are to become addicted.
  4. Improves Sleep Habits: If you spend less time looking at screens before bed, your levels of serotonin (the sleep hormone) will be higher to positively affect your psychological well-being.
  5. You’re More Approachable: Cell phones fulfill our natural need to feel connected to people, so without the cell phone you will be more connected to others in earnest.

But, how can you get yourself to actually commit to a Digital Detox?

My research found that there were some outrageous trends being practiced. For example, CNN reported the Top 8 Places to Unplug, which includes luxurious resorts requiring THOUSANDS of dollars in payment to participate in yoga and stay in rooms with no outlets. There’s even an entire online community, DigitalDetox.org, which helps finding others who want to meet for “Device-Free Drinks” and “Phone-Free Parties.” However, I found the best advice to come from an article that had nothing to do with Digital Detox at all.

Fast Company wrote an article about Why Successful Habits Are About Structure, Not Effort. And while they gave advice to set alarms and list priorities, I found the best practice to be in “finding a replacement habit.” Whenever you feel like checking your email, or updating a post (outside business hours), decide to pick up a book, complete that DIY project, or strike up a conversation with a family member or friend. Because I guarantee your mental health, productivity, and professional goals will see a positive impact from a happier, stress-free you!

So the next time you reach for your tech device, remember these words from those at DigitalDetox.org:

“We all need to make time to Digital Detox, disconnect to reconnect,
and remember what it means to simply be human.”

How long do you think you could survive a Digital Detox? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Retention Marketing Coordinator for Webs. Can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech.

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