Today’s article comes from Alex Mitchell, our Lead Analyst, who somehow became the marketing team’s leading expert on Snapchat. 

Unless you’ve been ignoring mainstream media for the past 6 months or don’t have tweens living in your house, you probably have heard of Snapchat, the latest tech fad that has gained massive popularity in a very short time.

Snapchat allows users to send pictures to friends with the unique twist that they are only viewable for a short period of time (typically 1 — 10 seconds) before they disappear.

Quick Facts:

Does Snapchat Actually Have Value For Businesses?
Snapchat is still primarily leveraged by personal users, but several early adopting companies and groups have managed to leverage Snapchat to build and share their brand.

  • New Orleans Saints: Use Snapchat to release behind-the-scenes footage, photos of new merchandise and sneak peeks on uniforms each week
  • Grubhub: The food delivery service uses Snapchat to offer special deals and “surprises” to Snapchat followers
  • Rebecca Minkoff: This clothing brand used Snapchat to debut their Spring 2014 collection moments before it appeared on the runway

Should I be Using Snapchat in My Small Business?
Clearly, some early adopters are having success with using Snapchat as a new method to engage Fans and Customers in a way that feels exclusive and often calls for quick action.  Snapchat may be a great way to engage customers and improve your CRM if you have a business with the following characteristics:

  • Frequent releases of new products, menu items, or features
  • Offer many promotions or specials throughout the year
  • Have a highly engaged and younger customer/fan base

However, if you decide to use Snapchat to interact with your customers, keep in mind that the key advantage of the platform is the excitement a message can generate when received by a customer or fan and the high engagement and open rate the recipient typically has.  If you send too many messages, you could risk lessening this excitement and making the channel less effective.

How Can I Evaluate If Snapchat is Working for My Business?
First, start by promoting your Snapchat account in your physical business or on your website.  Try offering customers a % off coupon for connecting that is delivered via a snap.  This will get your customer comfortable with using Snapchat and help you track how many coupons or promo codes are used.

From there, you’ll be able to track Snapchat just like any other marketing channel.  You can see an earlier article I wrote here that will help you track success across any new media platform.

Please let us know in the comments what you think of Snapchat and if you’ve experimented with the platform!  We look forward to hearing your stories using this platform and any other newer marketing channels (Vine, Tumblr, Reddit).

About the Author: Alex Mitchell is the Lead Analyst for the Webs Marketing Team. 

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