As we begin wrapping up our series on holiday marketing preparations, it’s only appropriate that today’s example site focus on a Webs user site that is doing a great job with ecommerce.

Kudzu Soap Company in northern Georgia does a fantastic job of using their website to marketing and sell their handcrafted bath items. Let’s take a look at 4 ways Kudzu’s website is set up for success:

1. Dynamic homepage ads. When you first arrive at Kudzu’s page, you get a snapshot of everything that’s going on with the brand without having to navigate around. This is a great way to get your important messages across before people have a chance to get distracted or hit the back button. Within 15 seconds I already know that they have special offers on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve seen an image of their products and packaging, I know where they are located, and that they make handcrafted soaps, boy mousses, and sugar scrubs. Not too shabby for a 15 second first impression.

2. Visual ads for holiday gifts. Just below the homepage carousel there are more images that show items I can find on Kudzu’s site. One of which shows a holiday gift scene and advertises “Gift Vouchers” that are customizable for different themes like birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. Making these available and putting them on the homepage with a holiday-appropriate visual is a great way to grab the attention of someone who might not be actively looking for holiday gifts yet, but will go ahead and buy when prompted.

3. A well-stocked, organized online store. Sometimes when looking at small business websites that feature web stores, you’ll find some that have a very scarce smattering of offerings. While it’s a great addition to your website, and a great way to monetize, a web store that only has a few items available doesn’t make a fantastic impression. Get creative and find ways to add small variations on your products to make the shop feel more complete. Kudzu has dozens of different products that are each available in multiple sizes, scents, or flavors. In addition to the actual handmade items available, there are also gift certificates in varying amounts mixed in to give the shopper more options and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

4. Fresh news and content. Great for winning over audiences and search engines alike, timely news items and articles are a must for increasing and maintaining website traffic. Visitors will see that your website is current and you have a lot going on with your brand, and search engines like Google will rank you higher in search results.

Congrats to the folks at Kudzu on a job well done. Here’s to a successful season! Is your small business website all set for a rush of holiday shoppers? Show us what you’ve got with a link to your site in the comments below.

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Webs. Loves branding, marketing, whales. Get more from Sarah on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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