There are lots of ways to promote your business and many vehicles with which to get your marketing message across to potential customers. But sometimes the very best way to deliver your message effectively is to hold up a mirror to your potential customers and show them that people just like them have found what they were looking for with your products or services.

Today’s Webs example site does just that. By showcasing the successes of their past clients, brothers Tyler and Travis Blessing of T-N-T Fitness do a great job of letting their product speak for itself. The ‘before and after’ technique of marketing is a very effective one because it speaks to people who are searching for something as the person they are right now. Some marketers choose to show shoppers the ideal of ‘what could be’ thinking that people will be inspired to by their products based on the results alone. But many times people are doubtful that a product or service will work for them as well as it did for the person in the picture. Showing them a ‘before’ allows them to see themselves as your customer.

This comes back to a strategy discussed by author and marketing expert Brian Carter that involves asking yourself what’s in it for your customer. There are really main three ways marketers and business owners can position something that they are trying to sell:

1. Talk about the features of your offering. In T-N-T’s industry, this would be something like “We offer expert cardio, strength, and flexibility training.”

2. Talk about the benefits of your offering. “Our trainers will help you lose weight, build strength, and become more flexible.”

3. Talk about what your customers are really in the market for. “After our program, you will feel more attractive, confident, and enjoy a longer and more fulfilling life.”

The best approach is to use all three of these in combination, as they build off each other and none are very effective on their own. If you only tell someone exactly what you offer, they might not realize how it could satisfy a need they have. However, you also can’t just tell someone that your product is going to improve their life without telling them exactly what you’re selling.

The guys behind T-N-T do a great job of offering all three of the motivation types on their website. They talk about their features and benefits:

And they let their past clients talk about how T-N-T’s services can change one’s life. This ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ approach to marketing is very effective – especially when there are compelling images to go along with it!

Another great aspect of T-N-T’s website, which is unrelated to today’s topic, is their use of content marketing! They offer great information that is original and relevant to their customers on a blog within their website. Great job guys.

Have you ever been convinced to buy a product or service because of a testimonial or success story? Tell us about it in the comments below!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Webs. Loves branding, marketing, whales. Get more from Sarah on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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