A recent infographic created by the design firm Gravitate shows just how beneficial a happy work force can be. Citing research done to determine the detrimental effects of stress, the infographic shows just how costly a negative working environment can be in real world dollars and cents.

While no business owner would come right out and say they prefer to have stressed out employees, the fact is that many bosses consistently prioritize the bottom line over the individual. What’s great about the numbers below, is that they demonstrate the benefits of good morale in a way even the surliest of workplace scrooges can understand.

Toward the bottom of this graphic, you’ll find the statement: “Each year, maintaining happy employees could cut labor turnover costs in the U.S. by $2.3 billion.”

No matter what your priorities, a figure like that is impossible to ignore.

(This is a long one, but keep on scrolling…there’s lots of good stuff here!)

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