Since our theme on the blog this month has been building community around your business, it seems appropriate that our Webs user example site today should be about community as well. A bit of a departure since we are not talking about marketing a business in this edition, instead we’re going to look at a great website created by a group of high school students in Los Angeles to help in the effort to combat bullying.

The website is the project of Middle College High School students Chinonso Anokwute, Rigoberto Flores Trigo, Carla Torres, Marquis Mark, Maria Espericueta, Zaria Keaton, Stephanie Henriquez, and Miguel Morales. These self-titled Whiz Kids participated in The Aspen Challenge in 2013, a program in which LA area students came together to work on issues that matter to them and present their solutions.

One of the most obvious strengths of their website is the sheer volume of information and resources they have made available. Well organized in the top navigation, visitors to the site can easily find statistics and media resources, as well as general information about bullying and about the group itself. There are also resources for individuals who may be struggling with bullying like the Suicide Prevention Hotline and a big orange button that offers hugs just a click away.

Not only are we impressed by the wealth of information the group has amassed here, but also the variety of different media formats available. Videos, written stories, print ads, image galleries and more.

What lessons can other organizations take away from Content, content, content. We’ve talked before about the benefits of a content marketing strategy for small businesses, and all the same rules apply for personal and non-profit websites. First, providing lots of relevant content on your website will always be appreciated by visitors and will make them more likely to share your site (and your content) with others and build exposure for you.

The second benefit is search traffic. The more relevant content your site holds, the more opportunities you have to use important keywords and phrases that will tell Google and other search engines that your website is a good one to recommend when people search for certain terms.

Congrats to the Whiz Kids on a job well done with their project and their online presence. In addition to a robust website, they also have a solid presence on social media (check them out on Facebook and Twitter).

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Webs. Loves branding, marketing, whales. Get more from Sarah on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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