Today we’re going to hit pause on our Small Business Promotion series to talk about something new and exciting that’s coming from Google. On Wednesday the tech giant announced on its blog that users will soon see a brand new inbox when they log into their Gmail accounts.

Gmail’s new inbox will automatically sort your emails into customizable categories or tabs. You can click each one to see what’s new in each category when you have time to browse, or go straight to your Primary inbox when you don’t.

This is personally exciting for me because I struggle with inbox cleanliness. Unlike some people (our Head of Marketing, Rochelle, for example) I find it seemingly impossible to maintain the elusive Zero Inbox. I actually achieved it in January, making a resolution to keep it that way. However, my Gmail inbox counter says “Inbox (1,099)” as of this writing. Oops.

What the heck is in my inbox, you ask? All kinds of things. Personal emails, daily deals offers, shoe shopping order confirmations, marketing industry newsletters, you name it. And many of those emails are things I’d like to read, but don’t have time to when I receive them, and thus they get buried. I actually have gone through the steps of setting up labels and folders and rules (oh my), but that has only helped so much.

That’s why I’m excited for Gmail’s New Inbox, and small business owners should be too. When you run a small business, the emails can pile up quickly. Client inquiries, order confirmations, industry newsletters, local Chamber announcements — and that’s all in addition to your personal emails. If you use Gmail as your email provider, this new category/tab system might be just the thing to help you get organized and be more productive every day.

Google says the update will roll out slowly over the next few weeks, and people who can’t wait to try it (like me) can check their mail settings menu (the gear symbol in the upper right of your inbox) and look for “Configure Inbox” to appear. If you’re not into the new inbox, you will also have the option to return to classic.

Whenever you do try it out, please come back and let us (me) know what you think in the comments below!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Webs. Loves branding, marketing, whales. Get more from Sarah on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

2 Responses

  1. Reply
    Jun 01, 2013 - 07:49 PM

    Not sure (yet) how much improvement and how much help for a small business this new gmail is, it certainly looks and feels different, especially on mobiles.

  2. Reply
    S Young
    Jun 02, 2013 - 02:52 AM

    I always consult Google whether it is personal or for my business. That’s why I can’t wait to try this! Happy Goggling!

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