Today we wrap up our discussion of time management and efficiency with one final strategy for boosting productivity for yourself and anyone you work with: changing your environment.

Finding ways to incorporate the advice we’ve shared over the past month into your work routine can have great long-term effects on the quality of your life and work. Looking for something that can make a big change right away? Try rearranging the furniture and putting up a fresh coat of paint.

Color can have a major impact on the work people do. This point is echoed in an article on the Sherwin-Williams website: “research indicates that employees bathed in soothing blue might be more relaxed and collaborative. Add some stimulating red or orange to a conference room, and meetings might move along faster. To keep staff from feeling closed in while toiling in a cramped office, cool, light tones can help make their space seem larger.”

In a nutshell, a great way to quickly recharge your office space can be to change the way it looks. But make sure before you start picking out paint colors that you identify your goals. Do you want to bring more energy to the office, or create a more relaxing environment? Of course color is not the only way to change things up; consider rearranging desks, getting new furniture, or changing the way teams are arranged if you work in a larger space.

This spring was an exciting time here at the Webs office. After many years with a bland beige and cream color palette, our leadership decided it was time to inject new life into the space. The goals were to add energy, reinforce the Webs brand in the wall colors, improve collaboration, and give the teams room to spread out a bit. And we are delighted with the results! That’s one thing about an office being overdue for a renovation — when if finally does happen, it’s very special for the people who work in it. Check out the pictures below to see how our space has changed. If you feel inspired to refresh your surroundings, post a photo to our Facebook page! 



Of course, we kept our employee Avatars right where they were:

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