As part of our series on small business time management and efficiency, today we’re doing a roundup of keyboard shortcuts for popular social media sites! While some people prefer to point and click, many argue that it’s much faster and more efficient to use keystokes whenever possible. Try out the shortcuts below and let us know if you feel like they save you time!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+?:     Search
Alt+m:   Compose a new message
Alt+1:    Home page
Alt+2:    Your profile page
Alt+3:    Friend requests
Alt+4:    Your messages
Alt+5:    Notifications
Alt+6:    Account page
Alt+7:    Privacy
Alt+8:    Facebook’s Facebook page
Alt+9:    Facebook Terms/Agreement
Alt+0:    Facebook help center

When viewing a photo in lightbox mode:
L: Like/Unlike photos
Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos

*On a Mac, substitute Ctrl+Option where you see Alt. If you use Firefox, it’s Function+Ctrl (because it can never just be the same.)

[Sources: Lifehacker and The Next Web]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google+

/         Select the search box at the top of the page
←       Navigate to the icons on the left (such as Home or Photos)
Scroll between icons with the ↑ and ↓ keys
Press enter to open the selected page
→      Navigate from the icons on the left side to the main page
Scroll the main page with the ↑ and ↓ keys
j         Move to the post above the current post
k        Move to the post below the current post
n        Move to the next comment on the current post
p        Move to the previous comment on the current post
r        Comment on the current post
?        Open the full list of keyboard shortcuts

If you’d like to see these shortcuts anytime you’re in Google+, press the ? key.

[Source: Google Plus]

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

j/k: move between the next and previous tweets
Enter: drill down into or close a selected tweet
Space: page down
Shift+space: page up
/: jump to the search box
.: refresh and jump back to the top
g then h: go home
g then r: go to your replies/mentions
g then p: go to your profile
g then f: go to your favorites
g then m: to go to your direct messages
g then u then search to view any user’s timeline
f: favorite a tweet
r: reply to a tweet
t: retweet
m: send a direct message
n: compose a new tweet
Escape: cancel a compose window, dismiss the help window

[Source: Lifehacker]

Have you discovered any keyboard shortcuts for other social media sites? Share them below!

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