In last week’s post about analytics tools for small business owners, we talked about how Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from and how to get more of it. So what happens after you’re gotten those visitors to your page? Are they clicking and converting, or leaving without interacting the way you’d like them to?

To take your analytics to the next level and start making changes to your pages that will directly affect your conversion numbers, consider a heatmapping service. One popular choice in this industry is Crazy Egg.

How does heatmapping work?
You’ve probably seen or heard of eye tracking studies where an expert has studied the eye movements of test subjects in order to see how they’re responding to the content of a website. Heatmapping works much the same way, except that it’s much less expensive and you don’t need an expert in a lab coat to help you do it. It works by following the movements of a subject’s (your site visitor) mouse cursor over the stimulus (your website) to see what they’re looking at and for how long. Do people look at things on your website without moving their mouse over them? Of course. But according to a study cited by Crazy Egg, there is an 88% correlation between mouse movement and eye movement. Considering the feasibility difference between doing your own eye tracking study at home and using a heatmapping service, 88% is not too shabby.

How can it help me get more conversions?
Depending on the purpose a small business website, the term ‘conversions’ will mean different things. If you sell a product, a conversion is when someone clicks the ‘buy’ button. If you sell a service, you might count submitting a contact form to be a conversion. Basically, a conversion is someone doing the thing that you built a website hoping they would do.

When you designed your website, you made certain decisions about where things would go and what it would look like. You had an idea about where you wanted people to go and what information you wanted them to gather while they were there. A journey that you hoped would end with them clicking “buy” or “contact” at some point. And while looking at your sales or number of contacts can tell you whether or not you got those clicks, it can’t tell you why or why not.

Did your users had trouble finding your purchase page? Did nobody ever visit that very convincing ‘about us’ page with all of your reasons to buy on it? Maybe they all got distracted and clicked off onto a 3rd party ad on your website? Perhaps your hid your important information at the bottom of the page, and nobody scrolled down far enough to find it. Conversely, you may be considering relocating a secondary navigation button that you don’t really like, but a heatmap tells you that that is where all of your purchase traffic is coming from. It’s always better to know for sure, than to make changes to your website based on a guess.

You can get started with Crazy Egg for free by signing up for a free trial. After that, they offer several levels of service based on how frequently you’d like to use the service and how many pages you’d like to map.

Have you tried Crazy Egg or any other heatmapping service before? We’d love to hear about it!

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    Apr 04, 2013 - 07:41 AM

    Thanks for this wonderful idea. I also used clicky’s heatmap tools but they weren’t so accurate so ill try this one.

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    Apr 15, 2013 - 04:38 PM

    Hey very nice blog!

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