The turning over of the calendar always seems to fill people with renewed motivation. With that in mind, today’s Example Site Wednesday features two ways great ways to spark your creativity and inspire you to make your website even better. Let’s make the most of that New Year glow!

The New Webs Inspiration Gallery
If you’re feeling stumped on how to build a better website, a great first stop is the new Webs Inspiration Gallery. Here you’ll find some beautiful websites built by our own team using Webs’ powerful SiteBuilder3. Not only will it show you what is possible, but also step-by-step videos of how some of the sites were built!

Great Example Sites from 2012
Another fun way to get inspired is seeing what Webs users just like you have done with their sites. Below you’ll find a collection of great sites from a wide variety of industries. Maybe one of them is yours? Enjoy!

Tech Support Company
Technician Platoon + Using Website Layout Effectively

Performance Artist
Róisín Monaghan + Black and White Websites

Stationery Designer
Designkandy + Creating a More Professional Website

Infant Portrait Photographer
Little Ones Portraits + Keeping Content Above The Fold

Fashion Model
Patricia Olufemi + The Impact of Simplicity

Interior Design Firm
Lennox Tartan Design + 5 Tips for Effectively Branding Yourself

University Program
Kellogg’s Center for Market Leadership + Consistency

Nonprofit Organization
Kikulu + Creating an Effective Homepage

Do you have a great Webs site to share? Comment below, and happy site building!

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    Ecommerce Website
    Jan 07, 2013 - 07:04 AM

    Great list!
    I’m glad you put this together, there are a few blogs here that I definitely need to check out.

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