There are lots of articles on the web about the affect that certain colors can have on a website, or how to use color effectively in your branding. But have you ever thought about creating a black and white website?

Today’s example site, the portfolio of performing artist (and Webs user) Róisín Monaghan, uses this technique beautifully to create an elegant look and feel that serves her subject matter well.

One advantage of a mostly black and white website is that it clears out the clutter and allows other design elements to take center stage.

Similarly, the use of black and white in the static elements of a website is a great way to direct the viewer’s focus where you want it. For Róisín, this is her photo gallery. Many of her photos are black and white, but there are also occasional pops of color that really draw the viewer’s attention and make them curious to see more.

Black and white gives a distinctly vintage feel, which works to the advantage of some subjects. If you’re considering creating a black and white small business website simply because of the elegance or simplicity, make sure that it also fits your product, service, or subject. For a model, actress, or wedding photographer, it’s a perfect fit. But for a subject that is more playful or colorful by nature, a monochromatic site might feel flat — a florist, clothing designer, or day care center for example.

What do you think of black and white on the web? Does it capture your attention, or leave you wanting something more vibrant?

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    Jessie Philipps
    Dec 12, 2012 - 05:08 AM

    I think black and white is really a good combination. It attracts the more viewer. Nice blog post. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Justahl Sildo
    Dec 12, 2012 - 05:55 AM

    Black and White websites are very classy, deep and at some point romantic. When I think of a black and white sites I think of online lingerie shop, history websites, piano and guitar shop… Depending on what the website owner wants to do on a non-color site, he must choose carefully and decide whether it’s a good decision.

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    Zena Kimdar
    Dec 12, 2012 - 10:49 AM

    Great post. I don’t like black and white websites. they are a bit dull and dark. But they are very suitable for picture websites (photography lovers etc.)

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