Our branding series continues today as we look at how you can reinforce your branding with your digital presence — your website, mobile app, social media, etc.

When people think about “branding” they often think about something concrete and physical, like their identity package. That is to say their logo, letterhead, maybe a font they’ve selected, a tagline they use, things of that nature.

The next level, however, is to translate those elements into your business’s digital life. Now, of course you’re going to put your logo on all of your online spaces. But there are other, more subtle things that companies can do to reinforce their branding that might not be as top of mind.

Here are 3 of the most important things to consider in your digital dealings — complete with helpful alliteration:

Color. This is one of the easiest things to control, and the easiest to decide on. You’ve already made color decisions when designing your collateral material, so you can largely pull your color scheme for your website, Facebook page, Twitter background, and mobile app from this. Some brands are incredibly successful in this arena — such that their color becomes almost as important a part of their brand as their logo or name. Hubspot’s prolific use of their signature orange color is a great example of this. Note the “Fun Orange Things” board on their Pinterest account:

Character. This can literally mean the character or logo used to identify your company, but more importantly the character of your brand in a larger sense. Is your brand sophisticated? Funky? Irreverent? Things like tone of voice and personality of so important to customer’s view of your brand, and their ability to relate to your product. It is critical that you maintain those elements in every space — from your physical location to your website to your Facebook page. Make sure to do this both visually and through the copy that is found in these locations. It’s unlikely as your company grows that you’ll have one solitary person writing web copy, interacting with customers, tweeting, and posting on Facebook, but you can make every effort to be sure everyone on your team speaks with one voice as much as possible. Scoutmob is a company that does this across their website, articles, emails, and mobile app very consistently. Below you’ll see the irreverent tone and moustache theme that plays prominently across platforms:

Communication. Another way to reinforce your brand to those who interact with it is to make them feel as connected to you as possible through digital avenues. One great way to do this is through your email marketing program. Of course you’re already using a color and character that are consistent with your website, so we don’t need to get in to all that (right?). Beyond newsletters and announcements, think about ways that you can react to your customers behaviors with auto-response emails. Did they recently purchase from you? Send them an email and ask them to review the product they bought. Did they sign up for a service with you that they’ve never used? Send a message to find out what’s holding them back. Little things like this go a long way to endearing customers to you and making your brand stand out in their mind

Do you have other ideas for how to use your digital resources to reinforce your branding? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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