We’re halfway through the week, which means it’s time for another great Example Site created by a Webs user!

This week’s site is Stockyards Saloon in San Antonio, TX. As a popular live music venue, Stockyards is likely to get a lot of questions from their visitors. It’s heartening to see that they have not fallen into the “leave them wanting more” mentality that many marketers adopt for their websites.

The rationale behind this practice of under-informing your audience is that if you provide all the information your visitors need right there on your website, they have no reason to contact you directly. The thinking there being that if you can just get someone on the phone, you can quickly sell them on what you offer and turn them into a customer.

This thinking is, for the most part, simply outdated. As people become more and more internet savvy, they come to expect that they can find what they’re looking for without having to take the extra step of calling a human on the phone. And whatever your feeling about the greater meaning of that trend, it’s not going away. So instead of ‘leaving them wanting more’, why not endear your visitors to you by giving them exactly what they’re looking for?

Stockyards Saloon does this in several ways. First, they offer a way to make reservations right there on their website. No outside reservation sites, no phone calls required.

Another great information point on Stockyards’ site is their calendar. It would be terribly frustrating to have to call a venue like this to find out who is playing on any given night. Not only to they provide this information up front, they keep their calendar robust and current.

Has a company every lost your business by not providing the information you were looking for online?

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