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Images usually make up a sizable portion of a website and can often communicate quicker than words. Therefore its significance, like the images themselves, can almost not be ignored. In this week’s edition of Example Site Wednesday, we will take a look at Design Kandy’s effective use of images and discuss both the importance of using images and how to successfully use them on your website.

Design Kandy is a small business that specializes in both modern and vintage inspired invitations and stationary for a variety of occasions. So, naturally, you would think that its website would use plenty of images to promote its service and preview her products. That‘s exactly what it does. The homepage has just the right amount of vibrant photos that give the visitors a vivid image of the products. Design Kandy avoids the use of too many words and does most of its talking through its images. Also, there is the obvious use of product photos in its web store.

In order to have effective content marketing, it is essential to use attractive images that draw attention. You also want to make sure your visitors come back and convert into regular customers, so leave a memorable impression by using visually aesthetic images. You want to add personality to your site to help distinguish your business as unique from other competitors. Therefore, be sure to use photos and graphics pertinent to your brand and supportive of your company’s message and goals.

Here are a few quick things to consider when using images on your site:

  • Size – Make sure your images are neither over or underwhelming in size.
  • Quality — High definition and quality photos are important. You want customers to see your company as a quality business, so make sure your site reflects that.
  • Color — Use  colors that are inviting and  consistent with your brand
  • Simplicity — Simple is better. It’s that simple.
  • Relevance — Don’t confuse your customers. If they came to buy sportswear, show them sportswear.
  • Positioning — Strategically position your images in a way that it appeals to your customers without clutter.


An effective use of images is good for branding, previewing products and conveying messages, so start enhancing your site today!


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