Surprise! You are now the proud owner of a newly-redesigned LinkedIn Company Page. (Assuming that your company already had a LinkedIn presence, since you’re a savvy social marketer.)

While this is exciting news – especially since the networking site previewed the new pages in August for a few top brands – some marketers were caught off guard by the change. Whether you were unplugged from your RSS feeds for a day or two, or neglected to log into your profile last week, your page may look somewhat odd at the moment.

Never fear, we’ll show you how to get that new page looking nice and normal again in minutes with 8 simple steps:

1. After logging in and selecting your company page, roll over “Admin Tools” and select “Edit” from the dropdown menu. *Hint* the options on this dropdown menu will change depending on what section you are editing, so just come back to this dropdown whenever you want to make changes regardless of where you are in your profile.

2. Upload your new header image. Scroll down until you see the “Image” dialog box. Create or select an image that reflects your company’s branding and personality. It’s best not to use your logo here, since that will also be displayed elsewhere. Think of this image the same way that you would your Facebook Cover Photo. This image should be 646px by 220px.

3. Upload or update your “Standard Logo” (a bit more rectangular) and “Square Logo” (50px by 50px). The Standard Logo will appear at the top of your page, and the Square Logo will be the ‘avatar’ that appears beside your company’s posts.

4. Check your Company Description and Current Specialties. Nothing much has changed here with the update, but it’s a good idea to make sure that these areas remain accurate as your focus or messaging may change over time.

5. Add or update your products and services. This area has been updated to highlight your offerings more visually on the new Overview page. Make sure you take advantage of the images, links, and videos as much as possible.

6. Is your company hiring? If you have any available positions, LinkedIn is a great place to post them. Not only are you likely to find better qualified candidates who you can easily vet, your job will also show up in search results and may increase your search standings.

7. Take advantage of the new Featured Updates tool. Either post something new and exciting or locate an important update in your update stream that you’d like to highlight. Click the “Feature update” link to give that update prominence and make sure more users see it.

8. Publish your changes and bask in your new page’s beauty. Pat yourself on the back for being proactive and getting your page up to speed with LinkedIn’s new look.

For more information about the changes and why they are so important for your company, visit LinkedIn’s Marketing site. New to LinkedIn? A recent post on Pagemodo’s blog offers some ideas on how to get started with your content marketing strategy on the site. Need some inspiration? Check out Hubspot’s list of brands with great profiles.

Do these new LinkedIn Company Page features make you more likely to use the networking site as a tool for marketing your business?

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