In honor of Google’s 14th birthday last week the company launched a new initiative that celebrate their more important core value — innovation.

The new microsite — Google for Entrepreneurs – collects tools, resources, partnerships, and programs that support the spirit of entrepreneurship and address the needs of startups in the marketplace.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported earlier this year that at that time there were nearly 400 million entrepreneurs in 54 countries around the world. Are you among them?

If so, then Google for Entrepreneurs should probably be your next stop on the internet today. It’s loaded with inspiration, networking opportunities, and tools to help get you motivated and moving forward.

The kickoff of this new initiative coincides with Google’s first ever Entrepreneurs Week, which involves more than 3,000 “entrepreneurs and googlers” the world over.

You can view all the tools on their microsite, and follow the latest developments on Google+.

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