With the holiday season not too far in the distance, I would like to dedicate this week’s Example Site Wednesday to online shopping. As it is every year, web stores and online purchasing have proven to be dominant means for shopping. This is great for all of you small business owners with online services and products to sell!

Let’s take some time to check out Play Pretty, an online store specializing in handmade clothes for toddlers, and just how effective a good web store can be.


Having your online store on your page can show the range of products you sell. In this instance, you can sell dresses, outfits, diaper covers or holiday bibs. This reduces confusion and makes user experience more simple be focusing solely on purchasing. Once you land on the Web Store page, this site allows you to choose a category and click on thumbnail images. Each thumbnail image has a clear image of the product, the product title and a price. It also gives you the opportunity to click on the thumbnail, where you then can read more product information, select your style and size, add special instructions and add to your cart. Overall, Play Pretty is a great example of how to effectively use your webs store on Webs.

Building an effective online business requires much thought and careful planning.  Here are some tips you can use when creating a web store of your own:

  • Be sure to use a voice consistent with your brand. It is important that the products or services that you sell are consistent with your brand’s image, especially with your company taglines or slogans.
  • Sign up for ecommerce web-hosting packages. Find a website package that best serves your online store. These packages usually provide a way for you to display multiple images of your products, easily display and sort by product category, manage your inventory and update shipping based on location.
  • Use a secure payment system. Customers are concerned about the privacy of their contact and credit card information. So, be sure to set up your store with a trusted and recognizable payment exchange provider. PayPal is one of the more popular ones.
  • Consider design and usability to enhance user experience. You want to make sure that your customers can navigate your web store problem-free. Ask yourself, is it easy to find, purchase and check out easily?  If not, update your design and user experience. You don’t want to lose any customers to a confusing purchasing process.
  • Provide as much information as possible. The more product information you provide, the less questions you’ll get from your potential customers. Provide clear, potent information with a voice that’s consistent with your brand (See the first step I mentioned). Also, be sure that you’re clear about your shipping, return and exchange policies.
  • Have fun with it! Use every bit of creativity in your body to figure out the best way to present and sell the products in your website. Customers want to enjoy their online experience, so, as a business owner, continue to test and update so you can maximize profits.

Add a web store to your website today and be ready for the holiday season.

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