Another Wednesday has arrived, which means there are only a few days left until the weekend! It also means that we have another delightful website to share with you for this week’s Example Site Wednesday. Today, we showcase Lennox Tartan Design and a beautifully composed website, dedicated to interior design and consultation.

Lennox Tartan Design does a praiseworthy job creating a brand and image. From consistent color schemes to a catchy slogan, Lennox Tartan uses various tactics to effectively brand themselves on their website. Here are a few tips you can follow to brand yourself just as successfully:

Design an Effective Logo: Designing a logo for your company is one of the most critical pieces in creating an image for your brand. There are many unwritten guidelines to creating a successful logo. In short, be sure to keep it simple, unique, relevant, scalable and memorable.

Stick to Your Tagline: Apple’s “Think Different”; Walmart’s “Save Money, Live Better”; McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”. Most successful companies have a tagline, a company branding slogan that contributes to creating an image for the audience.

Lennox Tartan’s slogan “Impeccably styled, balanced for real life” is strategically placed right in the center of a very balanced page design of colors and imagery. Be sure to create a tagline that stays true to your company’s vision like this one does.

Match Your Site’s Design with Content: Your site’s look and feel should always match the content. Identify the audience you primarily intend to market to and create a design that caters to them.

From a well-balanced homepage full of imagery to the many tabs guiding visitors where to go, this site is a good example of how to cater to an audience looking for interior design consultation.

Use a Consistent Color Scheme: As mentioned earlier, a consistent color scheme is an effective way to help establish your brand on your website. Be sure to choose a particular color palette and stick with it. It’s that simple.

Integrate Social Media: It’s obvious how large of an impact social media has for businesses, so why not ride the wave and take full advantage of this marketing tool. It’ll increase connectivity and traffic to your site.

Lennox Tartan lines up its social media links along the bottom, making it super easy for visitors to access.

What other branding tips would you recommend to for an effective online presence?

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