For this week’s Example Site Wednesday, we are going to take a look at KGAS Radio, a website dedicated to the radio station that provides East Texas with the latest news, music, weather and local happenings. Though the website has several strong points, today we’ll focus on the site’s use of a social media toolbar.

Making the decision to add a toolbar to your website will boost your site with interactive features. For instance, KGAS Radio added a Wibiya toolbar of social media widgets and content sharing buttons to the bottom of their site. The eye-catching bar gives visitors lots of fun ways to spread the word about their site.

With the Wibiya toolbar, you can:

– Increase page views, boost engagement and promote your content
– Personalize the toolbar by customizing and enhancing your site’s design
– Add and remove elements without any coding
– Integrate chat options to allow users to connect with yourself and others
– Access your site’s analytics, like the number of site visits.
– Add easy-to-find links to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites

A Wibiya toolbar is quick and easy to integrate and is a featured app that you can add to your site using Web’s SiteBuilder. Kust login, click on “Pages” on the top right of the page, and then select the “Add an Application” button.

If you want to create a more interactive website, add a toolbar to your site today! If you already have one, what kind of response have you had?

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