Screen Shot: Wizard Screens and Gutter

It’s Wednesday morning, and that means it’s time for another great example site built using SiteBuilder3.

Today we’ll take a look at the website of Wizard Screens and Gutter, a family-owned business located in Utah.

There are three really successful elements of this site that stand out most: Usability, Imagery, and Simplicity. Let’s look at each of these and discuss how they make for an overall positive first impression. Which, according to a recent study, is formed in just two tenths of a second!

1. Usability. From the start, this site makes it clear that the people behind Wizard are ready to serve their customers. They offer up four places to get in touch right away; two easy-to-find telephone numbers at the top and bottom of the page, a navigation link to “Contact Us”, and an embedded contact form right on the home page. The navigation is clear and easy to find, and it is logically organized so their customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

2. Imagery. By now, must of us know how important quality images are to any good website design, but it’s a point that bears repeating. Not only do attractive, relevant images help to brand your site well, they also give your visitors a chance to see you, your product, or your place of business right away. Wizard’s website makes use of a prominent image carousel, as well as individual albums that showcase their products and services. Learn how SiteBuilder can help easily incorporate images into your design [VIDEO].

3. Simplicity. According to the Missouri University of Science and Technology study linked earlier, visitors spend about under six seconds reading the content on a particular page. With that in mind, it’s easy to see the importance of clearly written copy that is short and to the point. Make sure your visitors learn exactly what you want them to while they’re on your site! Wizard effectively lays out their offerings and a little about their company in well-organized text with a good amount of negative space, or white space. Another finding from the Missouri study was that participants were drawn to pleasant colors and contrasts between text and backgrounds that made the content easy to read. That’s another great aspect of Wizard’s site.

What elements do you think make a successful website? What are some of your design pet peeves when visiting websites?

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