This week we are showcasing a site from the Westfield Music School, a privately owned music school located in Western Massachusetts.  Their website is not only an informative and resourceful tool for customers, but it looks fantastic as well.

Using thoughtful organizational design practices, including a consistent and appealing header and background imagery, this website does a great job of truly informing their audience about their services

Here are a few tips on making your website informative and resourceful for your target audience:

Determine your objective: Obviously, you made your website with some sort of intention–is it to sell products, generate leads, provide information or something else? In order for your visitors to understand your objective, be clear on your home page what your business or organization is about. With both its background imagery of the violin and the text on the homepage, visitors to Westfield Music School’s site know exactly what this school can provide them.

Determine your audience: Now since you have determined your objective, be sure you know who your target audience is. In order for your company’s website to be successful and effective, your objectives must properly cater to your potential customers. In this case, Westfield is a music school catering to students of all ages who have a passion for music and they make this apparent in their website.  The tone of their content and the information they provide is clear and concise.

Describe your products or services: Okay, so you’ve established an objective and determined your target audience. Now, you must effectively inform your audience about your products or services. Right away, Westfield welcomes its customers with an introduction, mission statement, offered lessons and reasons as to why they are the best choice for music education, and that’s only on the homepage! If you browse the site, Westfield provides all of the necessary information and accompanied descriptions about the school and the services it offers.

You can use the Westfield Music School’s site as a guiding tool when trying to make your own website effective and informative. Good luck!

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