This week, we are showcasing a website that represents the true essence of humanitarianism. ausEE Inc. is an Australian charity dedicated to improving lives of all affected by Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder. This website is an excellent example of how to design a great non-profit website.

Let’s break-down some of the key elements the site owner executes well:

Clear Mission Statement

A good mission statement consists of a clear and concise description of the objectives for the organization. These objectives help to uniquely sets it apart from other nonprofits and makes a strong plead for the organizations’ needs.

Clear Description of Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Who runs the website? A clear “About Us” page is a key element for any website, especially a nonprofit. This page is essential in telling the story of your organization; give potential donors an in-depth look into who you are and why you started your organization. Don’t forget to put any credentials and associations your organization has. Detailed list of key elements that should be included on the “About Us” page.
  2. How can someone donate? Make it as easy as possible to provide clear and concise steps necessary to submit donations. Ensure that your contact information is included on the website to give donors a way to ask any questions or address any concerns they may have.
  3. How will donations be used? It is important to provide detailed information on how each dollar raised will be utilized and how it will contribute to the cause of your charity.
  4. How can potential volunteers or members become involved? To help spread your cause, don’t forget to include information on ways visitors can get involved in addition to making donations to your cause. Remember just because someone might not be able to donate today, doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate about helping.

Up-to-date Information and Educational Materials

Make sure to include informative articles and blog posts to showcase your expertise on the subject matter of your website. Such information will not only help your nonprofit website be viewed as a credible source, but will also help to grow your online presence by contributing to your search engine ranking.

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Until Next time,

Happy Site Building!

About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Webs’ Social Media Marketing Manager. Get more from Irina on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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