It’s WEDNESDAY and that means…. (HMMMMM…) YES you guessed it!  Example Site Wednesday! Today we present to you , where you can always find the perfect accessory for every occasion.

 “More than seven out of 10 internet users are online buyers” —

What makes The Bead Place such a wonderful website is the simplicity and usability of their online store. The homepage header includes the logo (placed in the left hand side) as well as a large and clear title. The main image shows a picture of the inside of their store, showing some of the most popular products they have to offer. The background contrasts smoothly with the main content of the site and creates a creative and serene mood for users. If you take a look at the navigational links you can see that “shop” is the first link under the homepage, inviting users to go there first. They use the video section of their website to upload videos of tutorials for customers to learn new innovative techniques. The calendar section shows all of the upcoming classes, which are available for users to comment and view. There is also a Guestbook section that allows customers to leave testimonials and reviews of the store and the products.

Tips on how to give your e-commerce website a little boost:

  • Simplify Product Description: Using simple to read product descriptions can help improve your conversion rates as opposed to providing only manufacturers description of the product. Additionally, including tips in your product description, like telling users if they would need any tools to better use your product, can help to set expectations of potential customers and decrease customer service inquiries.
  • Improve Image Quality: Using high quality vibrant photos can help to make your products look enticing and attractive to potential customers.  Discover other ways graphics can help enhance your website.
  • Create a Clear Site Flow: Providing potential customers with clear paths to helpful how-to videos/blog posts can help to elivitate common question and help to build your site credibility. The Bead Place, for example deals with customers who may not know how to sew or create jewelry. So they included many media resources that show potential customers how they could use their products. Learn 6 Essential Characteristics of a Business Website.
  • Customer Service: Make sure that you give accurate and clear details about your business. The easier a customer can contact you, the easier it is for a customer to purchase from you. Create a relationship with your customers as well; try to form a system where you can follow-up with them 3-4 days after product arrives. Find out if the product matched the description that you gave them and if there were any stages of confusion as they moved around your website. This shows that you prioritize your customers and can help you learn more about the way you customers operate.

The world of ecommerce is growing at a fast rate, according to eMarketer “From 2010 to 2015, nearly 30 million consumers will join the ranks of online buyers”. With so many people buying products online, the importance of a simplified buying process that accurately showcases products is becoming more important. The Bead Place is an excellent example of how to use your website to relate with your customer and increase sales.

Do you have a great looking website? Post below for a chance to be chosen as our next week’s example website!

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