Are You Missing a Huge Potential Audience?

Smartphones, everywhere you go now, it seems like everyone has one! People aren’t just using the internet while at home or at the office anymore. These devices are also changing the way small business can attract new customers. Have you asked yourself recently if you could be missing out on potential customers because your mobile site isn’t up to par?

Your customers and potential customers aren’t just using their devices for Angry Birds and to Facebook. They are using them as mini computers. They browse the internet; they get directions, even conduct price comparisons right there in your aisles. Think about the potential you’re missing without a mobile friendly version of your website.

A mobile optimized version of your website allows customers and prospects to reach your web presence on their phones. Just last week, someone may have come by your store, remembering the name, but not the address. Today, they are back in your neighborhood, What’s the first thing they’ll do? Google your business-name. They’ll find you, but your site doesn’t render well on their smaller screen and takes forever to load. They can’t find your location, or a telephone number and you’ve just lost a potential sale. But if you optimize your site for mobile readers, it’s really easy for them to navigate and find you.

Luckily with a Webs website, your site is automatically converted to a mobile version. It’s a win/win situation for you and customers — your site stays up to date, and in sync with what is on your full-sized version and your customer can locate you easier.

So what does it really mean — having a mobile website? Simply put, you’ve got to present a lot of info in a tiny space. The real estate of a Smartphone is a lot less than that of a computer monitor – think New York City micro-condo versus estate.

Content is king! Present information that people are looking for first. The number one reason why a potential customer could be searching your mobile website is to locate your contact information. Ensure that you prominently display your telephone number and/or your physical address location. Put that information front and center. Use good content, and white space (it helps with the spacing on smaller screens), especially around links — mobile users don’t have the pin-point accuracy of a mouse and cursor, most users are using fingers to tap around your site. Placing multiple links on top of each other can make it frustrating for readers to navigate your site.

But what if you want it to do more?

Premium users get cool features like:

  • Click to Call: people can reach you from their mobile device simply by tapping your telephone number
  • Integrated with Maps: Show your business address on mobile maps, making it easier to physically find you
  • Gain Insight: Get stats for who is visiting your mobile site
  • This is in addition to being ad-free.

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    James @CyberNetTV
    Feb 21, 2012 - 06:08 PM

    QR Codes are a fantastic way of advertising your website. Many mobile phone users cannot be “bothered” to enter a long web address. That’s why you see more and more QR codes in advertisements everyday, so smartphone users can simply point their phone at the QR code and scan it using their camera – this then links them straight to your site so smartphone users can instantly visit your website using a QR code. You can find free QR code generators on the net, such as this one: 🙂 Essential for promoting your mobile site!

    • Reply
      Mar 16, 2012 - 12:13 PM

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    Desolo Sub Humus
    Feb 22, 2012 - 01:42 PM

    “They’ll find you, but your site doesn’t render well on their smaller screen and takes forever to load.”

    Insofar as feedback tells me, I’ve lost quite a few (95%) of potential users due to slow loading on my Webs site. I suspect it may be higher for mobile, which had only been visited twice before I just deleted the mobile version, even though it had been up for months and I had mentioned I had a mobile page through social media.

    The culprits for my slow load time? Plug-ins that can’t be turned off or gotten rid of, heavy Flash advertising load for those who have not opted for HTML only, the Wibiya bar for those who have opted in for HTML only, and the Freewebs recruiting free button, used by those that want to get rid of the Wibiya bar. Would it be possible to get rid of the clunky JavaScript on the HTML only sites (replace it with a simple link that we can style and keep track of which sites did the recruiting via a database that matches IPs from Clicky results with our IPs we use when updating the site)? Would it be possible to ask advertisers to use HTML5 ads instead of Flash? And would it be possible to get rid of the coding cruft for template users (One !important is bad enough, more than one is worse. Instead of overriding default styling, why not just create a ‘default template’ and allow users to switch between templates, making the defaults an entirely separate CSS package?) Also, could you give users a way to kill off unused plugins?

    A few easy tweaks, and Webs could be just as fast as sites that use your competitor’s free hosting packages.

    “!important declarations should not be used unless they are absolutely necessary after all other avenues have been exhausted. If you use !important out of laziness, to avoid proper debugging, or to rush a project to completion, then you’re abusing it, and you (or those that inherit your projects) will suffer the consequences.

    If you never use !important, then that’s a sign that you understand CSS and give proper forethought to your code before writing it.”

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    Exclusive Giveaways
    Feb 24, 2012 - 12:49 AM
  4. Reply
    Feb 24, 2012 - 01:33 AM

    Completely right – it’s time for businesses to get on board with mobile optimised sites. We’re going to be changing our website in the next while to have a mobile version – can’t wait!

  5. Reply
    Feb 26, 2012 - 05:29 PM

    I really don’t think my website wouldn’t be a good fit for a mobile website. I’m more concerned about the loading time of my website.

  6. Reply
    Feb 28, 2012 - 03:26 PM

    I have no reviews of this website due to a blue screen, I have designed it with the minimal qualities. Nothing special, trying to get my friend into internet sales of his work. Blue screen = no play.

    • Reply
      Feb 28, 2012 - 03:34 PM

      @Abel: The blue screen you are talking about is specific to Google Chrome browser only. This issue is not only affecting sites, but all sites with audio embedded on the page that are accessed by a user with Goolge Chrome. You can read more about the issue here:

      For now, it’s best to simply remove your background music until the issue has been resolved. Thanks again!

  7. Reply
    Mar 05, 2012 - 09:55 AM

    Keep in mind that all Webs website receive mobile website automatically that you can manage via the control panel in your Webs account.

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    misa elisabeth morgan
    Mar 12, 2012 - 07:03 AM

    Hi! I just wanna say that I have a Blackberry and I don’t know how to post pictures and videos on my web! I really need help,please send me an email as soon as you received it. Thanks

    • Reply
      Mar 12, 2012 - 10:52 AM

      @Misa: We currently do not provide users with mobile website editing option.

  9. Reply
    Lisa thompson
    Mar 19, 2012 - 09:32 AM

    The mobile site for the city of Warm Springs has been extremely helpful. I have an android and the load time is not bad. The ability to check if local calendar events are posting properly is a huge bonus when notifying residents. I would like to now how to obtain more readers of the mobile version of our site.

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    Mar 23, 2012 - 01:25 PM

    I really don’t think my website wouldn’t be a good fit for a mobile website.

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    Apr 01, 2012 - 11:21 PM

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