Why Content is Important for SEO

When you think of SEO, do you think of content marketing? You should. Discover why the information you put on  your website, your content, matters and how it can impact your search engine ranking.

According to the following infographic compiled by Brafton News, continued escalation in competition between available search engines to present the most relevant information is going to continue to place additional emphasis on the type of information websites contain. More specifically, emphasis will be placed on original content and its quality.

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About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Webs’ Social Media Marketing Manager. Get more from Irina on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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    Keyword Rankings
    Jan 31, 2012 - 11:02 PM

    Onsite content is very important as its Google can see it every time it crawls each page of your website. Offsite content is very important because when people are Googling for your website and look past the first result which should be your homepage and search around a little bit they will see all the content representing your website. Creating lots of well written genuine offsite content will help brand your website as well as increase your overall Google Rankings.

    Tracking your Keyword Rankings is another important part of SEO. Click my name for SEO tracking as well as Offsite content creation.

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    Dr. Christa Herzog
    Feb 04, 2012 - 09:04 PM

    Content is Important for SEO. Quality content is what always gets the visitors coming. Great help from this blog! Thanks a lot for the information I needed.

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    Window cleaner in Temecula
    Feb 04, 2012 - 10:13 PM

    Thanks for the informative post webs. I’m always looking for ways to make my window cleaning site even better.

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    Feb 05, 2012 - 09:19 AM

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    Feb 05, 2012 - 03:46 PM

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    Garage Door Woodlands TX
    Feb 06, 2012 - 10:34 AM

    With Google algorithm changes, you can’t stress the important of fresh content on your web site enough. Without fresh content, you can’t achieve SEO success going forward.

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    Hair Salon / Vicky
    Feb 06, 2012 - 05:48 PM

    I am agree that the content is very important for every website. A website can have outstanding Off-Site SEO, but be targeted to wrong keywords. For example, your website is build the way that the keyword “Wooden Chair” is dominant in your content, but you are a copywriter and you want to be listed on the first page on keywords like ‘copywriter’, ‘seo copywriter’ and others; however, since you have good Off-Site SEO you may be listed on top positions if people are looking for ‘wooden chairs’. You know what I mean? So, I would suggest be very focused on content when you think about Search Engine Optimization.

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    Swingles Casas
    Feb 08, 2012 - 04:28 PM

    I’ve also read that back links are also needed. But how do I get them ?
    I have been working on my Spanish Property website for over a year now and only have a google page rank of 3. I know many companys offer to do this for a huge cost but you must be able to get good back links for free. Anyone?

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    Web Hosting
    Apr 20, 2012 - 06:52 AM

    Content have the most important place in SEO. Good quality content always attracts more visitor and people like to read good content on any website.

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