How do colors affect purchases? [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered what colors you should place on your website?  Did you know that a specific color could potentially influence purchasing decisions on subconscious level? The following infographic from KISSmetrics breaks it down:

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    Nov 07, 2011 - 06:16 PM

    WOW… Who would know that the colors have so many meanings like that… Thanks Webs for this useful information! 🙂

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    Nov 07, 2011 - 06:28 PM

    Great post!!!! I been thinking about this!

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    Nov 07, 2011 - 07:17 PM


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    Nov 07, 2011 - 11:24 PM

    hola grasiac por el aporte es bueno saber

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    Nov 08, 2011 - 08:03 AM

    its good ang great

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    [email protected]
    Nov 08, 2011 - 10:36 AM

    Thank you very much. Great help that was.
    The only thing is that on mi websites: &
    Anyway great thing. Never noticed that colour was important but now that I think about it I always buy stuff that are shiny and bright (my favourite coloours!
    Webs RULES!

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    James :)
    Nov 08, 2011 - 02:24 PM

    Getting the colour right is very important in a business because colour has more power than you think. Some colours like Red, often stand out the most and is the first colour you tend to see – that’s why it is used for Warning Signs and for the Stop traffic light so it can catch your attention and save lives. – That’s why shops often use red for Sale signs to catch the potential customer’s attention and to purchase the offers they have in-store. It also works well online if you want your customer to see a Sale or important page you have – although because red is a powerful bright colour – it shouldn’t be used to much online because a lot of things are the ‘most visible’ – what should the user click on first? So try and only use it in large quantities if you want to attract the user/customer to a specific section of your website first. Avoid using a bright red as a background because it can strain the eyes and put off the user/customer from reading your site.

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    Nov 09, 2011 - 07:34 AM

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    John Beatty
    Nov 11, 2011 - 05:59 AM

    Nice post, but I don’t sell anything.

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      Nov 11, 2011 - 11:11 AM

      @John Beatty: Looks like you are building a website for your team. You can utilize colors to create a site that visitors trust and feel comfortable sharing. Remember colors not only help websites sell but also help create a specific feeling.

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    Nov 11, 2011 - 06:12 AM

    Really useful information. Without realising i picked the right colours for my site 🙂 Thanks webs

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    Nov 15, 2011 - 04:55 AM

    I want all colours

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    Nov 15, 2011 - 12:34 PM

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    Nov 17, 2011 - 05:03 AM


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    Mar 26, 2012 - 12:48 PM

    wow this is great thing. Really useful information.You can utilize colors to create a site that visitors trust and feel comfortable sharing.

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    exterior lights
    Mar 26, 2012 - 12:50 PM

    Really useful information. Without realising i picked the right colours for my site Thanks this webs…………..

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    Fake Nail Company
    Apr 14, 2012 - 11:47 AM

    Great resource! Was a little hard to find the full graphic at first though. I will be using lots of pink, purple and sky blue on my website!

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    Apr 19, 2012 - 12:18 PM

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