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    Aug 03, 2011 - 10:51 AM

    coool i guess i just felt like commenting lol

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 10:55 AM

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 10:58 AM

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 11:33 AM

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    its the only anime site on webst that actually has legal anime.

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 11:59 AM

    Awesome site with great features, but i’d like to promote mine for next week.

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    Colin Rout
    Aug 03, 2011 - 12:14 PM

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    Passit Inc
    Aug 03, 2011 - 01:26 PM

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 03:13 PM

    It Can’t hurt to give it another shot for next Wednesdays. http://funnydndstories.com Rather self explanatory site.

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    Aug 03, 2011 - 04:03 PM

    nice! I love the site…

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    Gary Pickering
    Aug 03, 2011 - 04:59 PM

    Nice site!
    I would like folks to have a look at my website that I started only last February…..over 10,000 hits since then and still climbing. Check out the video tutorials on how to upload photos…one of my most frequent questions.

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    Aug 04, 2011 - 12:12 AM

    Nice site this week. As a past winner of the Website of the Week, I was thinking that it would be nice if there could be some kind of badge that we could display on our site to show that, kind of like an award..I dunno, just thinking aloud, lol!

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    Aug 04, 2011 - 05:32 AM

    They have really done a great job. From experience, i know it’s not easy

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    Sarah Meister
    Aug 04, 2011 - 12:56 PM

    I like the gradient on the header. Site is pretty clean.

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    Aug 04, 2011 - 02:45 PM

    Omg nice site 😀 like their work,

    Check out my site aswell… http://www.sherworkstudios.webs.com

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    Coffee Guide
    Aug 05, 2011 - 08:57 AM

    Seen some of their stuff on youtube, thumbs up!

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    john smith
    Aug 05, 2011 - 12:44 PM

    hi webs ..
    pls show my site on webs blog site name http://www.yoursbooks.webs.com
    thank you very much webs

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    Craig Nuttley
    Aug 05, 2011 - 04:53 PM

    I’ve built numerous websites with webs.com and managed to gain top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing for their respective target markets area and services. 3 of them I think are worthy of the showcase. One other is almost complete. Waiting for my clients info, but I reckon this one is a pretty good example of where the web is headed.


    I will be upgrading to a full dot com soon. Have to say that webs.com has helped me a great deal during hard times in South Africa through the use of their free technologies.

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    Aug 05, 2011 - 09:13 PM

    Real nice site, like the clean and neat look to it. Great work!
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    We also added a sweet clan, to battle for prizes.

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    Aug 09, 2011 - 10:08 AM

    Love it. Just new in webs

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    James (CyberNetTV)
    Aug 09, 2011 - 07:09 PM

    Nice site there! I like the friendly & clean theme. There is a lot of quality content and plenty of great YouTube Videos! 🙂 It’s nice to see their mission and their expertese on their homepage because it gives you an idea of what they’re about.

    Why not try my website http://thecybernettvsite.webs.com ? It features how-to videos, PC tips, music and more, in HD.

    It also features New Custom Fonts in the template. Custom fonts are useful in a website because they give it an extra personalised touch – so I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it in Webs 🙂

    Thanks Webs 😀 http://thecybernettvsite.webs.com

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    Shannon Shull
    Sep 01, 2011 - 08:12 AM

    WOW! I did not even realize our site was chosen! Here it is almost a month later and I happened to google Shull Studios and saw this. LOVE IT. Thanks so much Webs.com – you seriously rock! And thanks everyone for the compliments and taking the time to check us out! Appreciate it!
    I’m actually about to pump up our site even more. I think I can utilize webs cool features more.
    Although I like our home page too as a nice overview/intro, we’ve discovered that some of the folks that arent as computer literate go to only the homepage and then are emailing us asking about our classes & such, instead of just clicking on the other pages.
    I was thinking about pumping up the Home page by placing a flicker pix scroll to catch people’s attention and then also giving blurbs with links about our classes, blogs, events, etc so that people will be directed to the pages with the details.
    Any suggestions from you all? Webs folks – you have any fabulous suggestions for us specifically? I know need to add more links for sure to help direct people to the other pages of the site.
    I want to utilize all that you guys have to offer to make my site totally AWESOME!
    Again a Big Thank You and let me know if you have any helpful advice! Best of luck to everyone with their sites!
    Big smiles,

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    Sep 08, 2011 - 12:00 AM

    Love the site! Very informative and easy to navigate . I agree a great used of, the photo gallery too! The website is very easy on the eyes as well.

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