Example Site Wednesday: Silent War Birds

It is Wednesday and we have another awesome new site to showcase today! This week we chose a site that is utilizing one of our new templates that we just released last week. Silent War Birds is site dedicated to providing information, pictures, and videos of military aircraft. They made use of our Strong template. Take a look for yourself:

We like how ‘Silent War Birds’ took a different take on what the template originally looked like by adding a custom background. Not sure how to edit your background? Learn How.

Silent War Birds is making great use of Webs features and utilizes several of our popular apps including:

  • Photos App to organize, display, and share photos with visitors.
  • Videos App to upload and share videos to provide visitors with interactive content.
  • Members App to allow visitors to sign up, interact, and communicate on their site.
  • Wibiya Toolbar to provide a simple way for site visitors to help promote the site.

The owner of Silent War Birds has chosen an interesting topic around which to build a website.

Remember: A niche website that appeals to specific users is a great way of starting out laying the foundation to a bigger website.

Our quick recommendation today is for the site owner to think about adding a blog app to continue providing visitors with dedicated content on regular basis and to share their passion on the topic.

Congrats to Silent War Birds for their great site. If you want your site to be an example site in the future, leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Happy Site Building!

29 Responses

  1. Reply
    Mar 30, 2011 - 10:34 AM

    Check out my site. I tried one of the new templates also.

  2. Reply
    Mar 30, 2011 - 10:53 AM

    Also Congrats to you who won, looks interesting!

  3. Reply
    Mar 30, 2011 - 11:03 AM

    Try out my site. Please.
    It uses a one of the new templates, and we are trying to get more members!


  4. Reply
    Tormented Angel8
    Mar 30, 2011 - 01:36 PM

    I update my website as much as possible. I used alot of css to customize the template to the way it is now and I’m proud of the results ^^. I’ve put alot of hard work into it and continue to do so.

  5. Reply
    Chase Berger
    Mar 30, 2011 - 01:57 PM

    Check out the all new Anime Fan Network. Our site has recently had a facelift. We have added facebook connect and redesigned our homepage.


  6. Reply
    Mar 30, 2011 - 02:54 PM

    Thank you so much Webs for picking me as example site of Wednesday! I am thrilled that other Webs users can see what I’ve done. Now my site is on Google, and I have more comments, members and visitors. Thanks again!


  7. Reply
    Mar 30, 2011 - 03:55 PM

    CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE; an up & coming record label from Boston, MA

  8. Reply
    Mar 31, 2011 - 04:48 PM

    Congratulations, as well, to Silent War Birds.

    Also, please use my website, Halo: Next Generation, as an example site. It would be very much obliged and welcomed. We have a slightly modified template design and use the Members APP, Forums APP, Blog APP, Calendar APP, FAQ APP, and use the widgets in the sidebar very well.

    Please look into my site and use it as an example site. Halo: Next Generation can be found at http://halonextgen.webs.com/

  9. Reply
    Mario Network
    Apr 01, 2011 - 01:16 AM

    Can you look at my site to be On the example site Wednesday? http://marionetwork.webs.com

  10. Reply
    Apr 01, 2011 - 07:25 AM

    this is my sims fansite

  11. Reply
    Maxwell Mlamli
    Apr 01, 2011 - 08:00 AM

    Yes I’m struggling to create my own website with my pictures to appear on my computer screen Because these website shows me another pictures will you please create my own site were I can change your pictures and paste mine. and I want the cheapest that I can afford to Pay not more than a R50.00 pm.

    • Reply
      the Webs Team
      Apr 01, 2011 - 12:02 PM

      @Maxwell: If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at http://support.webs.com

  12. Reply
    Saurav Mitra
    Apr 01, 2011 - 08:13 AM

    You will love this.. This is all about friends.. Special, close and sweet…

  13. Reply
    Jacqueline Taylor
    Apr 01, 2011 - 08:25 AM

    Really like the site. It’s purpose was very clear and the colors were very relevant. I also have a site. Would love some feedback.


  14. Reply
    sian rose
    Apr 01, 2011 - 10:06 AM

    I love the example Wednesdays feature. I have found some great ideas for my own site and even found a graphic/ web designer through example Wednesdays.

  15. Reply
    Apr 01, 2011 - 11:15 AM

    wow this site is really good.

  16. Reply
    Apr 01, 2011 - 03:37 PM

    Hey there, this is an awesome site! Awesome template also.

    May I enter my site into the Example Site Wednesday, it’s http://www.buddyweb.me/

  17. Reply
    Apr 01, 2011 - 05:03 PM

    This example site is amazing!

    CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE; an up and coming record label from Boston, MA.

  18. Reply
    Akira Chi
    Apr 02, 2011 - 01:03 AM

    Check out my site. It’s about the manga I write, called Lethal Chi. I also upload legal videos to the site via MegaVideo and CrunchyRoll.

  19. Reply
    Apr 02, 2011 - 01:22 AM

    cool example, cool ideas and it looks very cool

  20. Reply
    Daniel Ding
    Apr 02, 2011 - 08:53 AM
  21. Reply
    Apr 02, 2011 - 09:30 AM

    Hey guys, very cool blog show. Really cool site, including some interesting features. Too bad there are insulting comments in.

    Id love my site to be featured because I am currently building up a website for my gaming clan and we make use of tons of features. We will be soon roplling it out for all our members so it will be higher frequented.

  22. Reply
    Apr 02, 2011 - 06:34 PM

    Love pets ?
    Go to http://www.mascoticas.webs.com
    The website is in spanish, but you can traduce it with google traductor !!!

  23. Reply
    Apr 03, 2011 - 07:22 AM

    Hi,webs this site is clean and nice and here is my website “FriendUs” http://friendus.webs.com ,take a look to consider it an example!

  24. Reply
    Apr 03, 2011 - 01:52 PM

    Nice website, but when will webs choose websites that are premium and have really nice presentation like mine…..

  25. Reply
    MAKE Waves
    Apr 03, 2011 - 11:06 PM

    this website is really cool. the template is really in tune with it. check out http://www.computerzombies.webs.com for cool tech things

    -the MAKE Waves team

  26. Reply
    Apr 04, 2011 - 03:48 PM

    Hi my website is gamesandfun4u.com and I want to be the example site Wednesday. Please consider it. It has many apps and hidden pages, and most importantly, games!

  27. Reply
    Thejas Rajan
    May 25, 2011 - 01:07 PM

    Let me know Hows mine…

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