Scared? Shocked? Think I totally lost sense of reality and forgot what time of the year it is?

Not to worry…  It is a steamy July afternoon here at Webs and it is the best time to start getting ready for that holiday season rush. So, is your business ready for 2010 holiday season?

Here are some interesting facts about online holiday shopping:

1. When asked what sources “influence your decision to use or not use a particular company, brand or product”  71% claim reviews from family members or friends exert a “great deal” or “fair amount” of influence (Harris Interactive, June 2010).

Tip: Make sure to add a Testimonials App on your website to help boost visitor confidence & that testimonials are updated regularly to keep your site fresh and relevant.

2. In 2008  “68% of search engine users click results on the first page of search results” and that number is likely to keep rising(iPorsect, 2008).

Tip: You still have time to work on your search engine ranking. Don’t wait till the last minute to ensure your website shows up on the first page when searching for keywords applicable to the goods/services you offer. Need some help? Check out our partner LotusJump.

3. 81% of online shoppers receive advice from friends & followers relating to a product purchase through a social site (Click Z, January 2010).

Tip: Make sure to create and connect all your social pages on your website. Take full advantage of tools such as a Twitter Widget and Facebook Connect Widgets.

Until next time, happy site building!


11 Responses

  1. Reply
    anime kida
    Jul 22, 2010 - 03:51 PM

    Christmas came a bit early this year

  2. Reply
    Adam Miner
    Jul 22, 2010 - 05:10 PM

    At this point, we are still closer to /last/ christmas than this one…just had to wait 3 days and this would have been great.

  3. Reply
    Lisa the Bard
    Jul 23, 2010 - 07:55 AM

    As a composer and songwriter I use Sibelius Music to sell sheet music downloads of my songs and other compositions. On any day at all a quick look at SibMus will reveal them showcasing Christmas music. That is how important Christmas is to some sites, Irina. Personally I would rather see them showcase something less seasonal, particularly after January 6th and before November 1st, but it is obviously very important to them.

    All the best,


  4. Reply
    Alexander Derbas
    Jul 23, 2010 - 01:25 PM

    My site is ready.

  5. Reply
    Jul 24, 2010 - 07:34 AM

    How about supporting SSL certificates. That would certainly help our shoppers feel more secure and want to buy from us. This is important Webs. We need this.

  6. Reply
    Jul 25, 2010 - 06:51 AM

    Interesting but its a little early.

  7. Reply
    Jul 26, 2010 - 02:16 PM

    what anime kida and pretty much everyone said-It’s a bit early to be thinking about christmas.

  8. Reply
    Craig Snedeker
    Jul 26, 2010 - 07:33 PM

    I guess businesses have to think “ahead”

  9. Reply
    Jul 26, 2010 - 07:41 PM

    Thanks for posting this, it helped me! Please keep posting helpful things like this!

  10. Reply
    Jul 26, 2010 - 07:42 PM

    Could you think about advertising for people’s websites? A lot of sites barely get visited

  11. Reply
    Aug 21, 2010 - 02:21 PM

    If you don’t start planning now and ensuring both your stock and your site are ready and one of the first places people turn to, then your holiday season will seem bleak.
    In addition, getting your site ready for SEO takes work..ranking high in search engines doesn’t happen overnight.
    Thanks Webs for thinking ahead!

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