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As you can imagine we see thousands upon thousands of websites on daily basis. From time to time, we notice trends. Today, I would like to share with you one such trend that popped up when it comes to information contained (or more specifically, seems to be missing) from a lot of small business websites.

Here’s is a small check-list of very basic key elements that all small business websites should contain:

1. Business Name – This seems like such a simple element, but you will be surprised how many site owners forget to put it at the top of the their website or place their FULL business name.

  • Don’t expect your visitors to know what your abbreviations or logos stand for, tell them.
  • If your business name and website address are different, make sure you present this information clearly

2. About Us Section – Tell people what you do.  It is always beneficial to include information about what your business does and which category/ industry you focus on.

  • Providing this information helps build a rapport with new visitors and makes your business seem more personal.

3. Contact Information – Don’t hide it. If you have a business phone number and mailing list, include it! Physical address is vital for those business that run stores, restaurants and such that use websites for promotional purposes to bring more clients through their front door.  Things to include:

  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Email Address
  • Physical Location (if you have one)
  • Map of your location (see #3)
  • Business Hours
  • Contact Form
  • Psst….You don’t have to spend hours creating an all encompassing “Contact Us” page, just check out our Location App in the App store.

Look over your website today and try the 2 second test. Grab a stranger (nicely) or someone you know that has not seen your website in a while. Ask them a few questions to see how quickly they can locate your business name, what you do and how to get hold of you. If your “guinea pig”  stumbles around or has a hard time answering, you might want to think about updating your page. 🙂

Until next time, happy site building!


About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Webs’ Social Media Marketing Manager. Get more from Irina on Webs’ Blog and Google+.

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    Mz RyDOEM
    Jul 20, 2010 - 06:22 PM

    Thanks for this business checklist. It is wonderful! The article gave me ideas that were easy to use; such as, building a rapport with new visitors and asking a stranger to evaluate your site. I processed that portion of the article and thought of this mini-questionnaire that could be ready to use after a stranger visited the site:
    – How did the colors of the site appeal to you?
    – Was the site easy to navigate?
    – Can you identify any broken links? If so, please list __________
    – Do you remember the name of the company?
    – Do you remember if the name of the company has any abbreviations? If
    so, please list them ___________
    – Do you remember the company logo? If so, please describe it here ___________
    – In your own words, what is the purpose of the site?
    – Please list any other comments here _____________________________

    I plan on using this info immediately! Thanks! MzRyDOEM

    • Reply
      the Webs Team
      Jul 21, 2010 - 08:58 AM

      @MzRyDOEM: Great expansion on the list!

  2. Reply
    anime kida
    Jul 20, 2010 - 10:20 PM

    hey make something like this for anime sites, i’m sure i could benefit from it.

  3. Reply
    Jul 21, 2010 - 01:44 AM

    I recently started my own landscape company and i am having a hard time getting my name out. I have handed out fliers and made a website. I have got odd jobs here and there but i want to be known and heard of because for my line of work i am very skilled and offer the guaranteed lowest rates. I do landscape construction and lawn and garden maintenance as well as pool services and plowing. Actually anything to do with property outside work for residential and commercial jobs I can and will do. We are a crew of landscape designers that have been doing this for 20 years and more. We do the work ourselves and we guarantee interlock for 3 years and we just want to get our name out there to prove were the landscape company people want working on there properties and they will be very happy with what we are capible of. We love what we do and take pride in what we do. We act as if it were our own yards were working on. If anyone could point us in the right direction of how to get our name out there please do so. We just want to stat busy and create beautiful projects. Thank-you. Brite-Future Landscaping. We serve Durham and York Region and anywhere else in the gta

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    Jul 21, 2010 - 09:45 PM

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  5. Reply
    Jul 22, 2010 - 10:26 AM

    I can’t stop being amazed by how Irina always come up with something light but insightful and helpful…

    Irina, You Rock!!!

    • Reply
      the Webs Team
      Jul 22, 2010 - 10:57 AM

      @McP: Thank you, you are too kind 🙂

      ~ Irina

  6. Reply
    Jul 25, 2010 - 11:30 AM

    hey guys,
    we are a team from the chicago suburb area, and we thank webs for the amazing site and everyone who helped make it and everything in it…..

  7. Reply
    Wild Mushrooms
    Dec 02, 2010 - 05:26 AM

    Super i look forward to implementing some of your suggestions

  8. Reply
    Dec 09, 2010 - 12:35 PM

    I can use any help possible. I’m not getting the attention i was hoping to get. I need help, please. I don’t know how to make my site different than any others sites that are on the same subject. I wanted to be different and meaningful. I love the ideas you have. Keep it coming. Thank you.

  9. Reply
    Food Fan
    Apr 21, 2011 - 06:39 AM

    I have added different apps, hoping to attract more people to my site. So far, not successful. I need all the help I can get.


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