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I’m pleased to announce the launch of a feature I’ve had my eyes on for a looong time.  As you all are aware, for years our site owners have requested the ability to have additional “Admins” on their sites.  There are several use cases for this including a group collaborating around a site, or a web designer who wants to administer all of his clients’ sites from one dashboard.  Last year, we released the WebsID system and “master dashboard” which you can now access by logging into webs via your email/password combination.  What we did not have is a way to set admins for your website.  Well now we do!  You can now set members to “Admin” status and give them full editing access to your site (with a few limitations).

How it Works
The new Admin system is incredibly simple to use.  If you visit your “Manage Members” page, you will now see a new option for the member level called “Admin”.  Select that for a member and save to make them instantly become an admin.  To manage a site, Admins simply login to with their WebsID (email/password combination) and they will immediately see any sites they are admins of in their dashboard.  From there, they can click to edit that site.  To add a new admin who isn’t a member, simply send them an invite to join your site.  Once they join, you can set them to Admin and you are done.

What Admins Cannot Do
Admins have access to all general editing privileges so be sure you fully trust the person you are making an Admin of your site.  Still, there are a few things Admins cannot do that Site Owners can.

Admins cannot:

–  Delete the site
–  Change the site email address
–  Change the attached WebsID of a site (change who is the site owner)
–  Make other people admins
–  Change the status of other admins or site owners
–  Downgrade the site to HTML-only mode

Who this feature is good for?
Sites with multiple creators, where several people need to collaborate to create and manage the site.

Sites that change hands often, for example, a group or team that will have a new webmaster every year, can simply assign a new admin each year rather than handing over the master account.

Web Designers, Consultants, and Professionals
There are many Webs users who use our platform to build websites for other people.  This feature finally allows you to administer your clients’ sites without sharing account information.  With the dashboard, it also creates an easy way to manage all of your clients at once.  We are very excited to offer this to our professional users and in the future will look to enhance this with multi-site purchase discounts or affiliate programs so that users who purchase or administer multiple premium accounts can get discounts or referral bonuses.

Logging in to Edit a Website, Right from your Site
In addition to the new Admin functionality, we are also rolling out a new feature that lets Site Owners and Admins login to administer a site, directly from the site itself.  A new link has been added to the “Welcome Module” in the sidebar called “Manage Website”.  Click this button and confirm your password to immediately jump into the Site Manager.  This is a great feature to offer Admins who will be able to login directly from your site rather than having to visit the homepage.

I’m really excited to announce the launch of our admin feature as the next step in the evolution of our platfom and look forward to continue building on the best website creation platform on the internet.


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