Site Manager Update

The new site manager has been released!  With this release, we really wanted to streamline the editing experience and remove as much superfluous content as possible.  Here’s some of the changes:

1. No more big app icons on the top of the site manager.  These are replaced with two simple buttons, one for adding a new page, and one for adding a new app.
– We’ve also moved the function to add a link to navbar, inside the “add a page” popover
– And we’ve added a link to the app store from the add a page popover as well

2. Quick Links dropdown
We have added a simple dropdown menu to quickly take you to core functions that used to be several clicks away including editing sidebars and editing your template.

3. Completion meter
For those of you who see the completion meter, it has been moved to the top and the tasks have been “minimized”.  When you click on the meter, you can see the completed and uncompleted tasks.

To view the changes go HERE


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