New Comment Spam Feature

This morning we made some changes to our commenting system, mostly to reduce spam comments in our system.  Comment threads on apps now have a new link that appears when a comment is hovered over that says “report as spam”. Only members of a site who are logged in will see this feature. Each member can only report each comment one time.
When a comment is reported, a couple things happen:
– If a comment is reported 3 times, it is automatically collapsed

– The flagging is logged in our database so we can do analysis on spammers and block them across the network

– The site owner can see what is flagged so they can delete the comments or reset the flags
This is a first step in a few to have better community management tools for site owners, to maintain quality on their sites.  An additional change we plan on making is a “remove member” link. This new feature will appear when a site owner is logged in and visiting a profile.  When a member is removed, they will not be able to rejoin until manually approved by the site owner.

Lastly, the design team has made several tweaks to the look of the comment system itself to clean up the UI and better match the templates.

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