Photo App Updates Live!

Today we launched fixes and enhancements for the photo app. Here’s a short summary:

  • Default Settings – Site owners are now able to set default album settings. What does this mean? Default album is the album in which your member photo submissions are automatically placed. If the default setting (defined in the gallery) changes, then it will automatically affect all albums that are currently using the default setting.
  • Moving Photos – You can now move photos from one album to another by hovering over the image and using the move icon.
  • Member settings – You can now set member permission for each album via Album Options. You decide who can create, post & edit photos.
  • International Characters – Russian Characters are now viewable.
  • New Messaging – We updated some messaging you see when adding & deleting photos to make the experience easier. For example, if you delete an image, an indicator initiates asking you to confirm.


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