Support Videos and More to Come

We have been listening, and know that Support is very important to your ability in being successful in creating your website. You’ve been asking for it, so here it is…

The newest addition to offering you more tools to understand our system are the new Support Videos. Click Support at the top right of your page and you will find our new Support Video Channel. This is just a start, and we expect to have many more created over time. Have ideas for videos? let us know!

An ongoing topic in the Webs Community is the Open Forums. For those who have been here for some time, you’ve seen the ups and downs, the complete cleanup, and the recent ups and downs. Stay tuned for more on the future of forums, and how we’re looking to assign some of our power members as moderators. Power members will be those who are active in the forum today, especially those who we find being helpful to other members seeking Help within the Open Forum.

In two weeks we will be hosting our very first webinar. More information will be posted here soon. Want to get updates more often? You can start receving information about webinars, how to get more traffic to your site, what’s going on at Webs and with our competitors, and more, then follw us on Twitter.

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