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Hi Everyone,

Haroon here.  For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m the CEO of  Just wanted to give a quick update on a few things.

Stability Update

First, as you know we have been spending a lot of efforts on improving the stability and reliability of the system.  While I would not consider us 100% there just yet, we have made some very good progress including some major upgrades to our core databases, added servers for more redundancy, code updates for better efficiency, and a new QA team for better testing.  We also updated our storage cluster today (a few of you may have noticed the hiccup) to give us plenty of room for growth.  We still have a few more tasks to complete but do feel we are well on our way to solidifying our hosting infrastructure for your sites.

24/7 Live Chat Support

We’ve opened up live chat support to all premium members – around the clock.  That means that rather than waiting for someone to answer your support questions, you can now talk directly to a customer service rep, at any time of day.  Just click the live chat button on the main support page.

New Video Tutorials

We’re launching a new site with video tutorials full of tips and tricks on using our system and improving your sites.  Lookout for the link to become available from the main support page.

New SiteBuilder Skin

We’ve reskinned the SiteBuilder to match our general look and feel.  We’ve also made a few tweaks/improvements in the process including 1) Adding a new tab called “Members” that lets you quickly jump to your member management section, and 2) moving the main toolbar from the leftside to the top of the page, offering you more horizantal space for editing.  This wasn’t a major project but we are happy that the new sitebuilder is now in line with the look/feel of the rest of Webs.

Coming Up

We’re working on a lot of enhancements, too many to simply list out here, but one in particular I’d like to mention is videos.  Many of you have complained about our video uploading solution in the past, so we’re reworking it from the ground up.  The new solution will be a lot more reliable and have a new, improved player.  We’re also going to change the way we do storage for videos.  Because of the way we crunch videos into multiple formats for the web, it doesnt make sense to use your Storage Space for videos.  So we will be splitting out videos into a separate category that will be based on minutes – each premium package will have a certain amount of “minutes of video” that they can upload. Of course you can always add an unlimited number of videos from youtube and other video sites as well.  In addition, once we release the new video uploader, videos will not count against your bandwidth usage so you won’t have to worry about people watching too many videos on your sites.

If you want to discuss Webs products and suggestions with me and other Webs users, you should visit my site here.

Thanks for using Webs,

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