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The blog often feels like a family reunion. Not everyone in the family shows up, but the ones that do are the ones that love each other the most. What’s odd is that they always tend to fight, or at the very least, are somewhat crazy. You love your family, so you join them in the madness. The problem is that you are bringing someone you are dating, and they are meeting the family for the first time. If our blog is our family, the one’s we’re dating are new visitors to the blog. Be passionate, be crazy, but be aware that there are new comers to the circle, and then think “what if I’m trying to make a good impression.”

You hear me talk about support and how we are trying to improve it. I think a lot has been done, but let’s wait until it has been truly tried before we hold it to be true. But there is more we can do at Webs to help educate you on our product. How do you feel about Webinars?

They will be held by some member of the company; possibly support, but just about anyone in the company. The webinars will teach you tips and tricks about the current product, and even showcase products yet to come.

So, let me know what you think.
I think we should do them, but think it’s not enough. Webinars are one way conversations where you sit and watch while we talk at you. We will try to make the information informative and exciting, but you have no involvement. So, on top of webinars, I want to do….

Live Streaming Video Chats!
I am not yet sure when we will start this, but someone from the company will jump on a live video chat that you too can join. I am looking for the best solution for this so that everyone can join, and so that we can control the volume and allow people to ask questions while getting them answered in the live video chat.

What do you think? Worth the effort?

If we decide yes, I will post in the Support Center how it will work, where to log on, and make announcements of the next live session. If you want to stay updated on what’s going on with the live video chats, you must become a subscriber to the Service Announcements (General) at
So, a few topics. Let me know your thoughts!

James, the guy on the bike.

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